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泰簽表格.JPG】請多多指教^^ Newly opened Taiwanese opened Bangkok B & B - [B] Broadwood exhibitions ^ ^

First backpacking really simple piece of visas

General Visas

領取申請書 Step 1. Collect application

填寫申請書 Step 2. Complete the application form

Fill sample

簽名記得簽與護照同英文姓名 * Signature remember signed passport with English names

中翻英地址 * The English translation address

將照片訂在申請書上 Step 3. Provide in the application form on the photo

六個月內拍攝,白底半身,正面脫帽,五官清晰之兩吋照片 * Six months of shooting,white bust,front hat,facial features of the two-inch clear photo

填寫完後拿給櫃檯人員檢查,直接領去號碼牌 Step 4. Fill it showed staff at check directly lead to number plates

等候叫號辦理 Step 5. Wait handle call number

簽證官查看無誤後,到另一櫃檯付款並領取收據 Step 6. Visa officer view is correct,to another counter and receive a receipt for payment

當天下午即可回來領取,憑收據拿護照及簽證 Step 7. Came back that afternoon to collect,with the receipt to get a passport and visa


The Thai government is sometimes introduced visa fee concessions,please note that the Tourism Authority of Thailand announced.

Commissioned visa,then have to complete a power of attorney,the principal to be stamped and signed,

Attach the original identity card.

Power of Attorney

本人要辦泰簽,幫朋友一起辦,需在申請表代理人欄位簽名即可。 * I want to do Thai sign,help friends do,you need an agent field in the application form can be signed.

如要幫父母、夫妻、子女代辦,帶身分證正本就可辦理泰簽, * If you want to help parents,spouses,children,agents with the original identity card can apply for Thai sign,

No power of attorney.

幫朋友代辦自己沒有要辦,需要填寫委託書。 * Agency that he did not want to help a friend to do,need to fill power of attorney.

Cross-border travel,visa how to do? Can apply for a short-term tourist visas,re-entry to Thailand

Direct airport visas on arrival in Thailand,or you can apply for a transit visa $ 850

Or less immigration visa.

起開始嚴格執行白底六個月近照。 2010.10.01 began to strictly enforce the six white photograph.

: 台北市松江路168號12樓 Taipei Office: 12th Floor,No. 168,Sung Chiang Road,Taipei,



Thailand für Fortgeschrittene (German Edition)
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Places to stay in Cambodia

2005-12-02 05:09:47 by islandmanruss

Cambodia is still a bit of the wild west. I have never had a problem finding a place to stay in Cambodia. Prices range from 5 to 25 dollars per night. I would use a reputable travel agent in the US the first time around. Another option fly into Bangkok go see the Royal Palace and hang out around Khao San Road, which is near by, and your certian to find some travel companions there going into Cam...ry poor probably poorer than you can imagine. To a Cambodian an average digital camera cost more than most of them make in a year. So don't leave things of value laying around because they can vanish in an instant.
Don't put all your money in one place if you can help it, try to keep a stash some place.
Your American Passport should be considered one of your most valuable possesions.

Found a great deal for Sydney & Bangkok trip

2002-02-23 18:18:54 by phlux

C'mon people - make the adventure yourself.
If you want to have an interesting trip - then heres how to do it:
get a ticket to someplace (I chose SE Asia) book a few nights in a place. While you have the first few nights taken care of - go around and check out all the other backpacker locations - find one that has a lot of people in it. and see if they have a bulliten board posted w...h quality packages for very cheap. They really are trying to put together good experiences for very competitive prices. for example - $35 USD for a FOUR day THREE night trek and tour through Kanchanbury north west of Bangkok. Included accomodation, all food, elephant rides, bamboo river boat rides, hikes etc...
anyway - let the adventure make itself - dont buy it.
Sorry for the rant.

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