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Posted on February 7, 2014 – 06:35 am

As much as I love Thailand, so it was time for me to finally leave this wonderful country I had to get the Indian visa, purpose of my last visit to Bangkok, and I had to return to Kuala Lumpur in order to join my brother René. So I bought a train ticket from Bangkok to Butterworth, Malaysia, June 17, from Hua Lamphung station on Wednesday 20 at 14 h 45. Arrival: 12 h 55, 21. The ticket cost me 1120 baht (about $ 36.06 CAN). As a portion of the trip took place the night I had to sleep on the train. I chose the top bunk. Note that there is no direct train service between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, we must first get to Butterworth, then, to complete the ride, take the train or bus.

Not that bad, this berth.

In addition, it is possible to buy train tickets to travel agencies, but then impose additional costs: for example, the agency of the inn where I was staying added 300 baht (about $ 9.66 CAN ) the ticket price. It is therefore cheaper to go buy it directly at the station.

The Border

The start of the Hua Lamphung station finally took place at 14 h 50. And the ride? Rather quiet. I watched the scenery scrolls. I supped. I read. I played games on my computer while listening to music. I sat on my couch soon it was lowered. And it was not so bad, in terms of comfort. I slept relatively well. The night was short, however: at 6 am, several Thai ladies began discussing with gusto, close to my bed. So much the worse for sleep.

20 to 10 am (Malaysia time), the train entered the station at the border between Thailand and Malaysia. Thirty minutes later, I ressortais of the building took place where the formalities of entry and exit for both countries. Everything was very simple, the Thai side. For cons, the Malaysian side, we took impressions of my index and checked my two bags. It was the third time I entered the country, but this was the first time I had to stoop to such procedures. I then climbed back into the train and waited for the other passengers to finish their tour with the administrative process. We left at 11 am 20.

Arrive at Butterworth

The arrival in Butterworth took place 45 to 14 h, 12 h and not 55 as planned. Immediately, I went to the bus station. Moreover, train stations, bus and ferry are all connected by a network of bridges. In addition, many signs indicate - in Malay and English - how to move from one station to another. That said, a few moments later, I bought a ticket for 31 ringgit (about $ 9.95 CAN), I jumped on the bus and at 15 pm, I was on my way to Kuala Lumpur. I put 5 feet 30 h later, almost 29 hours after my departure from Bangkok. It was epic.



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Not sure - ask a local agent

2003-11-18 16:10:50 by jil74-get-what-you-pay-4

I don't know. It might be cheaper to buy the return ticket and then extend your dates out. It might be the same price.
I don't remember there being different rates for different dates, or any 7 day advance purchase fare or anything. It was a set price for the ticket.
You might want to email a travel agent about Bangkok Airways'rules. Ask them whether its cheaper to buy a return or 2 one-ways, and also ask if there are penalties if you change your dates. Also ask them about visa questions too.
I have used royal exclusive travel. Tehy are on Silom Road Bangkok. You can search them on the web and find their website. They usually respond within two days to my questions.

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