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2012年04月08日 - VanEssa - Fail Dog QueEn Yangshuo tour is nothing more than university graduates, Xiamen, Suzhou and Hangzhou .. Of course, these places are also a lot of fun, but really comparing domestic tourism travel abroad there is another scene ..

This line of five people, we actually are "children of the poor."

The trip is but half a poor swim like it ... is not very good aircraft to try Province .. but the journey will eat well, live well ..

Buji Jia Bangkok exactly six days.布吉曼谷散漫遊 畢業窮游也可以出國 --Day 1 - VanEssa - Fail Dog QueEn Veritable machine back to the early to late machines

We are early morning flight to Bangkok 1.30 (red-eye flight Yeah, who told us the poor do) return flight to Guangzhou is 23.10 ..

Tourism spending a total of 4000RMB / person (four fly) ... some parents know after saying "go so why poor countries 4000?"

Embarrassing .. to find out about it to know really cheap ..

Back home on the 6th regiment went to Phuket, probably 4000 ..

However, the specification is entirely free exercise of all .. sea snorkeling plus PP does not include .. want to go to sea to +3800 Baht THB (but the same in Thailand as long as 1, 200 Baht THB)

The first day of the trip and the tour is going to be flying in Phuket .. last day trip is by plane back to Guangzhou after lunch .. so .. you know ..

First, a few expenses other specific bulk of it .. wrote to say .. (we had the exchange rate is about RMB: THB = 1: 4.85)

Guangzhou AirAsia Bangkok air tickets all with 1170RMB / person (without food, to buy another. Including baggage go away 30KG / 5 people return 60KG / 5 people)

Bangkok Phuket Airlines air tickets birds all with equivalent 450RMB / person (Bird Air itself has free luggage 15KG / person, there is a small snack machine and water)

Thailand visa 255RMB / person (plus Taobao agent price .. SF forth pays)

Phuket Hotel Peter Pan Resort 1300THB / night (four days two rooms is 10400THB)

Bangkok Siam Swana 1300THB / night (Bangkok live in a day .. the whole a total of five nights hotel fee is about 500RMB / person)

PP Island Egg Island Tour 1200THB / person (local agency reported .. Golden Beach less than 250RMB / person)

Emperor Island RACHA Tour 950THB / person (less than 200RMB / person)

Oriental horse slaughter 600THB / person (about 120RMB / person, one hour)

Although we were very poor, but we are also very spoiled the whole trouble .. on the plane ... plane is more comfortable and faster ..

Visas own sign is 230RMB .. But I then Guzhe exam .. Well .. their sign is also very simple .. a lot of people online wrote a detailed tutorial ..

Phuket November to March is the peak season .. dry .. that is usually December to February the most popular .. we go .. the end of March is the peak season at the end.布吉曼谷散漫遊 畢業窮游也可以出國 --Day 1 - VanEssa - Fail Dog QueEn

We are for the Thai baht in the Bank of China for the.布吉曼谷散漫遊 畢業窮游也可以出國 --Day 1 - VanEssa - Fail Dog QueEn

Reservations are required, the Bank's official website can be found in real exchange rates

Press the Value to row: China UnionPay used in Thailand for the Thai baht => Thai Baht USD Conversion> Thai Baht RMB exchange

Although more and more places to use UnionPay, but mainly in Thailand and the airport duty-free shops.

It is recommended that planned their own consumption in China for a good reasonable amount of baht.

Day 1 started the trip

22.00 the night before to the airport .. Guangzhou Baiyun Airport .. really think the domestic airport really is not ye ..

25 a can of Coca-Cola .. cheap coin on 15 .. This is how the ...

布吉曼谷散漫遊 畢業窮游也可以出國 --Day 1 - VanEssa - Fail Dog QueEn 布吉曼谷散漫遊 畢業窮游也可以出國 --Day 1 - VanEssa - Fail Dog QueEn


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Not sure - ask a local agent

2003-11-18 16:10:50 by jil74-get-what-you-pay-4

I don't know. It might be cheaper to buy the return ticket and then extend your dates out. It might be the same price.
I don't remember there being different rates for different dates, or any 7 day advance purchase fare or anything. It was a set price for the ticket.
You might want to email a travel agent about Bangkok Airways'rules. Ask them whether its cheaper to buy a return or 2 one-ways, and also ask if there are penalties if you change your dates. Also ask them about visa questions too.
I have used royal exclusive travel. Tehy are on Silom Road Bangkok. You can search them on the web and find their website. They usually respond within two days to my questions.

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