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Posted on February 10, 2014 – 06:51 am
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Finally after a wait of six months is the time of departure to a country that we have always wanted to visit me and my girlfriend: Thailand.

The flight we booked by our travel agent about six months before, finding a spectacular offering of Singapore Airlines, to 720 euro each A / R. Always in the agency we booked the hotel in Bangkok, while everything else (internal flights, hotels and Phuket to the north) we booked it on our own. Domestic flights: Air Asia; hotels:, Phuket: expedia. Local currency: the Bath, 1 euro is about 39 baht, it is a change very convenient for us, the prices are really handy. Guide: Lonely Planet, excellent!


Departure from Milan Malpensa to Singapore with Singapore Airlines flight, which lasted about 12 hours. The company is truly one of the best with which we flew, friendly staff, available, even in economy class seats were comfortable and spacious great room (for standard aircraft) and high volume entertainment. Arrived in Singapore we then flew out of Bangkok with Singapore Airlines always arriving at 8.40 in the 28/10 local time.

28/10: Bangkok

From the airport we took the subway fast that brought us after a coincidence with the Skytrain at Silom Road, where we had the hotel. Path to walk a long stretch of road (already adocchiati by many tuk tuk drivers asking us where we were going) we arrived at our hotel, Novotel Bangkok Fenix ​​Silom. Hotel was clean, comfortable, a 10-minute walk from the Chayo Praya Express (boat on the river) and the skytrain stop. The same afternoon we headed by boat to the most important sites of the capital, the Royal Palace, Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha) and Wat Arun. The impact of these fantastic sites was amazing, the colors, the statues of warriors, the decorations, everything really surprising. It's true what you read about Bangkok, messy, chaotic, polluted, but charming and magical, after a few days you would not fall in love. Towards evening we returned to the hotel and after a dip in the pool we had dinner at a restaurant near the hotel, the first impression of Thai cuisine then we have always followed the next few days. Spicy, but full of flavor and really tasty, it ranges from noodle made anyway, chicken, ground beef, eggs, fish in coconut. I always like drinking optavo for the Thai beer, the Singa, the Chang, the Leo, all good, as my girlfriend or sparkling water (good) or lemongrass. In Thailand the food is very affordable, the stalls for pennies found all kinds of frying to restaurants where there never spend more than 30 Euros for two to eat, but eating plenty. After dinner finally deserved rest.

29/10: Ayutthaya

After a hearty breakfast we walked to the old capital of the kingdom of Siam. We arrived by train, you can choose between fast train their regional or say, we opted for the fast one in an hour and a half reaches the city. We were very surprised at the cleanliness and the train service, punctual and very friendly staff. Just outside the station in Ayutthaya there is a store that rents the bicycle (30 baht per day), I would say that is the best way to get around the whole city, they provide you with a map of the most important sites to see. Bearing in mind that we had to drive on the right a moment to acclimatize road signs (sometimes non-existent), but the trip turned out to be wonderful, not only for the beauty of the temples that are visited UNESCO World Heritage Site, but for its' use of the bike that makes you enjoy the city in full. Eventually we got back to the train station but we had to take did not pass and the next it was too late, so thanks to a tuk tuk driver who took us to the bus station we came to Bangkok easily. In the evening we treated ourselves to a delicious dinner at Silom Village, this restaurant very close to the hotel.


Thailand für Fortgeschrittene (German Edition)
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Not sure - ask a local agent

2003-11-18 16:10:50 by jil74-get-what-you-pay-4

I don't know. It might be cheaper to buy the return ticket and then extend your dates out. It might be the same price.
I don't remember there being different rates for different dates, or any 7 day advance purchase fare or anything. It was a set price for the ticket.
You might want to email a travel agent about Bangkok Airways'rules. Ask them whether its cheaper to buy a return or 2 one-ways, and also ask if there are penalties if you change your dates. Also ask them about visa questions too.
I have used royal exclusive travel. Tehy are on Silom Road Bangkok. You can search them on the web and find their website. They usually respond within two days to my questions.

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