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Bangkok is a city and also the capital of Thailand with over 7 million inhabitants.The city has an area of ​​7761.5 square kilometers and is divided into 50 districts.Million visitors a year travel to Bangkok and enjoy many sights and experience the thrill.The city is located in a tropical climate all year round which temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius there.Between May and October,the monsoon season is in the region which is to be expected in some parts of the city with flooding.

How to get to Bangkok?
The Thai capital is best reached from Europe by plane.All international offer direct flights into the city.There are many cheap flights to Bangkok on a budget,especially flights with stopovers in Dubai,for example,are very popular.German airlines such as Air Berlin and Lufthansa fly from Munich,Frankfurt,Berlin and Dusseldorf directly to Thailand and control the Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) at about 30 kilometers away from the city center.The flight time from Germany amounts to about 11 hours.The airport has all the shuttles and buses take tourists to the city.Anyone who takes a taxi should definitely take a taxi meter and dispense as visitors on fixed prices here are often ripped off.

What do you do in Bangkok?
In the metropolis,there are some attractions that you must see.For example,a trip to the Royal Palace is especially worthwhile. Here you can see a colorful Asian-style palace with many buildings and temples that you can visit (dress code note).There is at Wat Phra Kaew the Emerald Buddha,which is covered with jade.The oldest temple in the city is the Wat Pho where there is a huge reclining Buddha.Anyone traveling in the city is best to take a tuk-tuk,small motorcycle taxis that you are inexpensive and fast.On weekends there is also a large Chatuchak Weekend Market is visited by thousands of visitors.Here you can buy everything your heart desires.Tourists are often found in the Khao San Road - a glaring lights world with countless bars,dining rooms of,clothes shops and street vendors.In Bangkok you can very well go shopping.Businessmen and tourists love tailored suits you here in good quality for little money gets.Who wants to buy electronics visited the MBK where you can find everything your heart desires.You can also also make river trips,best climbs to a public transport boat and enjoy the city around the stops.

Lots to see - so purchase guide
In such a large city rich in history and there is a lot to see.Therefore,a good one to Bangkok Guide recommends certainly runs through the town.In it the most beautiful temples are described,as well as China Town and restaurants,accommodations and etiquette.Bangkok must-see and offers a rich culture and sights to employ days a.


Thailand für Fortgeschrittene (German Edition)
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Beyond the guidebook

2005-10-10 12:24:34 by Thailand

Yes, definitely get a guidebook. BUT, beyond that.....
Thailand is a great destination and very inexpensive. You will have a blast. My sister and I spent a week there in 2005. One week isn't enough to see even a fraction of the country, but it's a good start. We started in Bangkok (as most people do), for two days. We spent it touring the temples, the markets, and taking a long tail boat d...d regulary.
Next trip we plan to go up North to visit the hilltribes.
Don't know what else to share as I don't know what your interests are, or what type of vacation you are looking for. The internet though has a WEALTH of information. If there is anyting specific you want to know, just ask. I'll try to answer it (of course, I don't have all the answers....we were only there a week).

Scattered thoughts

2005-03-04 12:12:15 by wat2dowat2do

Thanks. I'm only a happy snapper...
We went to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, etc. How long have you got? I assume 2 weeks.
Use BKK as the hub. Not only do Cathay and Sing air have return economy tickets at the moment for less than $800, but Bangkok is a hub for most of those countries. Bangkok airways is great, just like the old Reno Air.
Fly to BKK. You will get ... you can only get a taste, then Saigon is a great city to taste). You won't get to see Ho Chi Min in his tomb glowing pink but, hey he's preserved for prosperity, right?
BKK - SIAM REAP - SAIGON - BKK (2nights in BKK) then separate ticket
BKK- Laos - BKK
With Laos, give little time to Vieteniene unless you have the time.
There's some sample itineraries on this website :

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