Best area of ​​Bangkok for housing

Posted on April 8, 2014 – 05:10 pm

quartier bangkok logment Quel quartier choisir pour se loger à Bangkok ? Home » Bangkok ,Thailand Spartan dormitory more than the ultra luxurious room,Bangkok offers a unique category of accommodation,there is something for all tastes and all budgets.It remains to decide which area to choose his stay in Bangkok.

The best areas to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok comprises several relatively remote areas and are best known are those of Sukhumvit,Sathorn,ChineTown,Silom and Saladaeng.The choice of neighborhood is very important and it will depend on your budget and essential places you plan to visit.

Kho San Road

The historic district of Bangkok

The historic Banglampo and more specifically the area of Kho San Road is the place for budget travelers.

Hotels in the finest line the Chao Phraya and are ideal for those who want to focus on visiting temples.

The street is usually very busy from 6 am to late at loger quartier bangkok Quel quartier choisir pour se loger à Bangkok ? Hotels and guesthouses alongside many coffee shops,street vendors,merchants disk or clothing,tattoo artists and taxi drivers.In short,cosmopolitan atmosphere and walkabout guaranteed late afternoon.

Chinatown and Little India

Chinetown Bangkok

This is not really the ideal area to stay in Bangkok,within the preferred Shanghai Inn.However the hosting offers many foolish and can easily find a cheap room.But it should be noted that the area is poorly poorly served by public transport, and it takes up to MRT Station Hua Lampong otherwise go to the water bus.


Shoppers looking animation or choose to stay around Sukhumvit and Siam.

Siam has the advantage of being very centrally located and served by metro line BTS and department stores in Bangkok are easily accessible.This is the place to choose a hotel for those who prefer shopping during their stay.

All major attractions are easily accessible,and many bars and restaurants.


The area is well served by the BTS and MRT.Shops,malls,bars and restaurants abound.The living area is also fairly central,and it is never too far from the major sights.This is the area of ​​choice for those who like lively places.



The neighborhood is lively yet quieter than Sukhmvit shopping are many,overcrowded and varied restaurants.The cheap and often low-end accommodations are concentrated around the Soi Ngam Dupli south of Sthorn Road (near Lumpini MRT station).

bangkok quartier logement Quel quartier choisir pour se loger à Bangkok ?


Lonely Planet Lonely Planet Southeast Asia: On a Shoestring (Shoestring Travel Guide)
Book (Lonely Planet)

Beyond the guidebook

2005-10-10 12:24:34 by Thailand

Yes, definitely get a guidebook. BUT, beyond that.....
Thailand is a great destination and very inexpensive. You will have a blast. My sister and I spent a week there in 2005. One week isn't enough to see even a fraction of the country, but it's a good start. We started in Bangkok (as most people do), for two days. We spent it touring the temples, the markets, and taking a long tail boat d...d regulary.
Next trip we plan to go up North to visit the hilltribes.
Don't know what else to share as I don't know what your interests are, or what type of vacation you are looking for. The internet though has a WEALTH of information. If there is anyting specific you want to know, just ask. I'll try to answer it (of course, I don't have all the answers....we were only there a week).

Scattered thoughts

2005-03-04 12:12:15 by wat2dowat2do

Thanks. I'm only a happy snapper...
We went to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, etc. How long have you got? I assume 2 weeks.
Use BKK as the hub. Not only do Cathay and Sing air have return economy tickets at the moment for less than $800, but Bangkok is a hub for most of those countries. Bangkok airways is great, just like the old Reno Air.
Fly to BKK. You will get ... you can only get a taste, then Saigon is a great city to taste). You won't get to see Ho Chi Min in his tomb glowing pink but, hey he's preserved for prosperity, right?
BKK - SIAM REAP - SAIGON - BKK (2nights in BKK) then separate ticket
BKK- Laos - BKK
With Laos, give little time to Vieteniene unless you have the time.
There's some sample itineraries on this website :

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