Medical Tourism: countries where travel health cost less

Posted on May 10, 2014 – 07:49 pm

Medical Tourism In times of economic crisis, there is a tourism industry that continues to grow in spite of reduced budgets and expenditure savings: that of medical tourism, which is cured at low cost prices going abroad. If firms relocate to save on production costs, patients do the same and leave with suitcases in hand and a lot of expectations on his head in the direction of the countries that offer the best care at affordable costs.

McKinsey survey commissioned by the Association of Industrialists Indians, in fact, reveals that the sector is undergoing an exponential growth: if in 2004 the total turnover recorded by travel health was U.S. $ 40 billion in 2012 become 100 billion! Hospitals of Malaysia in 2006 had a turnover of 59 million dollars, while travelers who are in the same year went to seek treatment teeth in Costa Rica were 150 thousand. The new low-cost flight to India from Milan Malpensa certainly help to contain the costs of those who decide to go to the Asian country for treatment, but will increase the turnover of Indian revolves around this business until it touches the top of 2000000000 dollars in 2012. 250 thousand people each year are made ​​to do some touch-up by cosmetic surgeons in Singapore, but for plastic operations of this kind are very popular also Argentina and, most importantly, Brazil , which has a famous school of cosmetic surgery. Thailand Thanks to cutting-edge facilities such as Bumrungrad International Hspital of Bangkok, is on top of the charts of the most popular with medical tourists, closely followed by Mexico, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland and South Africa. Taking a trip of this kind often allows you to combine business with pleasure, as people travel to exotic locations or very pleasant to visit: last year, Mexico, to support this trend and make a slice of the 60 billion euro generated by the travel market health , set up a Consulting Board for Health Tourism. A line that has also been adopted by Argentina, as the South American country is moving in the same direction. Destination The more low cost in absolute terms, however, remains the East, even for interventions of a certain weight as those life-saving : in Thailand spends an average of 30% of the U.S. tariffs, Malaysia 25% and India 20%.

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Beyond the guidebook

2005-10-10 12:24:34 by Thailand

Yes, definitely get a guidebook. BUT, beyond that.....
Thailand is a great destination and very inexpensive. You will have a blast. My sister and I spent a week there in 2005. One week isn't enough to see even a fraction of the country, but it's a good start. We started in Bangkok (as most people do), for two days. We spent it touring the temples, the markets, and taking a long tail boat d...d regulary.
Next trip we plan to go up North to visit the hilltribes.
Don't know what else to share as I don't know what your interests are, or what type of vacation you are looking for. The internet though has a WEALTH of information. If there is anyting specific you want to know, just ask. I'll try to answer it (of course, I don't have all the answers....we were only there a week).

Scattered thoughts

2005-03-04 12:12:15 by wat2dowat2do

Thanks. I'm only a happy snapper...
We went to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, etc. How long have you got? I assume 2 weeks.
Use BKK as the hub. Not only do Cathay and Sing air have return economy tickets at the moment for less than $800, but Bangkok is a hub for most of those countries. Bangkok airways is great, just like the old Reno Air.
Fly to BKK. You will get ... you can only get a taste, then Saigon is a great city to taste). You won't get to see Ho Chi Min in his tomb glowing pink but, hey he's preserved for prosperity, right?
BKK - SIAM REAP - SAIGON - BKK (2nights in BKK) then separate ticket
BKK- Laos - BKK
With Laos, give little time to Vieteniene unless you have the time.
There's some sample itineraries on this website :

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