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Posted on March 6, 2014 – 11:01 am

Who knows in Songkhla? No, I do not mean Hat Yai, the largest city in the province. By coming as well as anyone who travels once on the land routes to Malaysia for example. Hat Yai does not count. Expert described to us as the most beautiful seaside resort in Songkhla country from mass tourism, hardly will notice something amazingly.

Der Thale Sap, das riesige Brackwassergebiet bei Songkhla, bietet einen der schönsten Ausflüge die in Thailand per Boot möglich sind. The Thale Sap, the huge brackish water area in Songkhla, offers one of the best trips that are possible in Thailand by boat.

At dawn, fighting buffalo holder led their precious animals walk on the beach. Otherwise, the few travelers have the beach to yourself in Songkhla.

Tempera painting by Ruesi Dat Ton 19th Century in a Sala in Wat Klang.

Making of free space to leave there in Songkhla no deficiency (Ao Thai Resort). All images: Phakinee.

Note: For this report, there is a topic in the forum with numerous other images and information: = 14477

Hans Michael Hensel

Bangkok. I write from the actual Songkhla province and the eponymous town, even as a part of the India's ancient island Si Wichai ("Sri Vijaiya") was a cultural center. Thais often call it even สิงขร Singkkon, after the Sanskrit / Yawi term Singora the centuries, the Europeans used for this area.

Not long ago we heard that north of Songkhla not one would resort along the coast, despite the seemingly endless beach. Guide for the province was in any case only from the districts Hat Yai and Songkhla. However, we had learned last year that it now but there is a beach hotel, and even under German management. ฤาษีดัดตน Ruesi Dat Ton (Einsiedler in Yoga-Haltungen) aus dem 19. In addition, the lovely wife about Thai traditional medicine. Researched in Songkhla, she heard that there was a temple depictions of ฤาษี ดัดตน Ruesi Dat Ton (hermit in yoga postures) from the 19th Century.

The end of January we headed to the south.

"How did you come to build here as a foreigner in a completely non licked the first beach resort", I ask Uwe Welschinger, co-founder and manager of Ao Thai Resort when he picks us up at the airport in Hat Yai.
• "We have purposefully built in the previous tourist nowhere. The property search took over a year. In June 2010 the site was bought, a disused factory for processing shrimp on 11 600 square meters. In the same month we started the existing building into a hotel with retail and commercial premises, five guest rooms, library, restaurant and meeting room remodel. Was opened on 18 February 2011. The 13 bungalows, pool and beach were completed in March 2012. "
"13 bungalows on seven Rai! Is not that a waste of space? "
• "We want an original as possible in Thailand, close to bring the guests off the beaten track. A zugebauter beach would be the opposite of it.
"Where do the visitors come?"
• We talk to Thais and foreigners. First we had 80 percent of Thais, but the ratio is slowly changing. It should level off over time at 50:50, which would be perfect.
"How do you get customers?"
• "We can be found on relevant websites, such as Occasionally we turn direct advertising. Most of all, it is natural to us when we are recommended. "
"What is needed for an effort to put on the legs?"
• "In addition to my daughter and me, we have a chef who has worked thirteen years in a five-star hotel in Samui, a cook, an assistant cook, a bookkeeper and secretary, six operations, a gardener, a night watchman, a craftsman and three maids, one of which is a Registered Nurse masseuse who also gives massages at the resort. "
"As a rule of thumb per room clerk ... and at times the minimum wage of 300 baht per day ... "
• "Yes, the new minimum wage has shocked us. The salaries of qualified staff had indeed also be increased accordingly. Almost all of our employees are from the area. We work together as a family. The good working environment is an asset that is preserved only with satisfied people. The pain threshold is reached, however. Hires are no longer there for the time being. "


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Try Bangkok Air's pass

2007-02-07 13:41:58 by embarcadero1

It's called the discovery pass and you have to get it through a travel agent in the US before you leave.
It won't take you to Vietnam -but will take you all over Thailand and to Cambodia - either Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.
One suggestion - why not narrow it down to tw...more relaxed and have a chance to see more.
If you want a really chilled-out island, my suggestion is koh yao. You can get their by boat from either Krabi or Phuket.
If you do go to Phnom Penh, be sure and take the Khmer architectural tour - you can arrange for a private guide even if they don't have a tour on. This was one of the highlights of my trip to SE Asia: /
Have fun!

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