The sounds of urban life in Istanbul

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An innovative way to be guided in Istanbul: well away from the "official guides" who always do the usual rounds, without the risk of being involved in grupponi of seemingly unusual itineraries offered by other agencies. What you need: a smartphone, " headphones, comfortable shoes, a curious mind "- so it says on their website - and of course the app Soul. Soul stands for Sounds of Urban Life (sounds of urban life), "a new way of experiencing the world" created by the International Film Factory LLC, with the stated aim to "revolutionize the industry of tourist guides." From Istanbul , since the authors are almost all Turks, the first and only app currently available in English only.

The idea sounds intriguing: to be conducted on a predetermined path and rich in history and interesting ideas, not who fills your head with boring details about the "main things" - or points to get you into shops and restaurants in which it is bound by percentages of purchases and drinks - but the recorded voice of a resident of the city with enjoyment to your liking. The motto is: walk, listen, connect (walking, listen, log in).

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There are 5 routes, but unfortunately confined to the most bars of the city: the imperial palace of Topkapi, the Galata district, the historical peninsula of Sultanahmet, the district bazaar, Taksim Square, and I obviously would have added that along the walls of Theodosius , or the one from Kadıköy to Fashion: my favorite. The cost is 4.99 each or 19.99 for all five; included: maps, detailed information about places, information on restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping.Ulteriore criticism: lacks interactivity! As a result, I believe that the best solution remains that of the guide in the flesh, but customized: alternative routes (including urban hiking if you want), without grupponi in tow.

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I enjoyed Laos alot

2005-03-04 10:48:03 by wat2dowat2do

I went in 2001. Bought a "package" from a Bangkok travel agent that included visa for crossing Thai Laos border up at Chang Rai, a boat trip down the Mekong for a few days, overnight accomodation at a french owned riverbank hotel, meals and dropped us off at Luang Prabang. The travel agent also included air tickets from Luang Prabang back to BKK. Not really an organised package tour, so to speak... wonderful experience, but I would warn against hiking or travelling in the back country or in a small group. Read warnings about land crossings. Stick with an organised tour in a mainstream area.
If you're in the region anyways, tack on a few days in Siam Reap in Cambodia. You can fly in and out of BKK. It was as memorable as Laos for different reasons. (architechure vs the people)

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