One More Destination, aimlessly: THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS: Bangkok in 2 days

Posted on February 13, 2014 – 07:19 am

Almost all flights from Europe or America calling at Bangkok. So, why not stop to discover this amazing city? As a travel agent in Southeast Asia, I always recommend 2 or 3 days lengthen the trip and visit Bangkok for two reasons. First, it is a beautiful city well worth a visit. Second, possibly get a return flight cheaper and which, when the gate Bangkok Asia, you can find a good price combinations. Either because the main destination is Thailand or as an extension, we will give you some basic tips that you may fall in love like us love us.

First of all, the visa. To come to Thailand do not require visas:

- Spain, entry permit for 30 days

- Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, free license for 3 months.

- European Union, USA, Canada, Russia, South Africa and Australia have entry permit for 30 days

- Southeast Asia countries: Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have permission for 30 days

The other countries is preferable to consult the embassy, ​​as there are cases in which you can obtain visas on arrival and others where it is necessary to take it from home.

There are two international airports in Bangkok. Most international flights arrive at Suvarnabhumi airport although the low-cost airlines such as Air Asia always arrive and depart from the airport at Don Mueang. It is important to keep this in mind if you've got a flight with this company. There is a shuttle bus service runs between airports every hour just to facilitate the transfer in these cases.

We're in Bangkok, now what? Where we stayed? There are two parts to stay, depending on the requirement:

- For backpackers budgets unscrupulous place par excellence is Khaosan Road. An area with all amenities mounted so that sometimes looks like a circus. Dorms or private rooms, shared bathrooms or ensuite. The good news in this area is that it is solely aimed at backpackers. Easy to relate to and near the Grand Palace. The worst is the poor communication with the shopping area of the city. You can find accommodation in bedrooms from 7 USD.

-For discerning palates, we Silom area where you will find most of the hotel chains and services for tourists. Prices rise more if you ensure a better quality throughout. Silom is much better connected to the most modern but not so historic center thing you will need public transportation to the area of temples. You can find accommodation in the area from 35 USD the private room.

From both airports no public transportation that takes you to both accommodation areas. In the case of Suvarnabhumi, have Sky Train at the airport. If you arrive from Don Mueang there is a shuttle bus that takes you to Khaosan and stop nearest Sky Train (Mot Chit). The sky train price will be around 30 THB (1 USD) by the transfer.


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I enjoyed Laos alot

2005-03-04 10:48:03 by wat2dowat2do

I went in 2001. Bought a "package" from a Bangkok travel agent that included visa for crossing Thai Laos border up at Chang Rai, a boat trip down the Mekong for a few days, overnight accomodation at a french owned riverbank hotel, meals and dropped us off at Luang Prabang. The travel agent also included air tickets from Luang Prabang back to BKK. Not really an organised package tour, so to speak... wonderful experience, but I would warn against hiking or travelling in the back country or in a small group. Read warnings about land crossings. Stick with an organised tour in a mainstream area.
If you're in the region anyways, tack on a few days in Siam Reap in Cambodia. You can fly in and out of BKK. It was as memorable as Laos for different reasons. (architechure vs the people)

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