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Posted on June 17, 2007 – 00:00
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We spent a full week in Bangkok time to prepare all of our stuff before we left China. We took the opportunity to buy some stuff (travel guide, soap, calculator, rods, mosquito repellent) We also repair the camera Dany can find everything easily here in Bangkok. It is a place where it is easy to visas ...

We leave for China

We leave for Bangkok Kunmin, g portion of our trip to China, Sunday, June 17 at 10h00am Bangkok time. We got our visa on Friday June 15th at 18:00! We waited for our visa to pay for airline tickets. It's fast. A flight of less than three hours to get to Kunming. We will stay qq days or a week in Kunming where he should have access to the internet.

We now have exactly 12 o'clock difference with Quebec. For the places we visit it's still a bit vague as usual ... We should spend Dali, Lijiang, Chengdu, Beijing and Xiam (Beijing) even wanted to go to Tibet but it seems that it is even more difficult than before the event with the American (USA) made at the foot of the Everest a few weeks ago. Tibet is still available but the only organized group ... and as to have a guide on the heels and exorbitant price we will go ... we wandered up on how the situation evolves. Thereafter we should go to Laos by terreste and perhaps Cambodia before returning to Thailand for our visa for Vietnam. Should spend at least two months in China (but our visa is currently 30 days) all depends on our impressions.On will try to stay more than two months but for now we have a 30 day visa only.

Flight: Bangkok (Thailand) (airplane) GO single airline: China Eastern Airlines The cost of this step will be 246.71 per person including all taxes. (Start with this post June 17, 2007 at 10:15) arrived in Kunming (China) at 13:00

2-It is a trying

We arrived in China today Hui el 17 June C All went well and we pass the border easily. N Our blog is not accessible from China. So we wrote an email message to be sent to him on our blog ... we hope it working. We can not send photos of the computer that we tried because Flirck is bar. Short end, we can write and c is ... We send you news of soon ...

3-First impressions of China and Dali

We can easily write messages eventually. You then wrote again as we free internet at our youth hostel.

Start small print:

We thought we had a great shock to our happens but everything is calm and ordered even though we were in a city of more than 3milion people. The electric scooters are all are quiet and it is very pleasant. It's like a moment in Pokhara, especially here in Dali we have mountains in the background. We hope to do a trek in the beautiful corners. People come to our aid if they see that we are looking our way. They do not speak English so it's just a lot longer ... Long live the pictogram and signs. Children tell us Hello, all smiling.

We left Kunming the next day because we're going to come two more times to the expectations required for our visas. So we took the road to the old Dali, Dali old is 20km north of the one you will see on your cards. We raced a bit in search of the bus station ... It was found with the help of three people who led us there. We thought they would like money: but no, just out of kindness. The bus was too expensive there because it was the bus luxuries. We therefore sought to mini-van. A lady is leading us. So we saved the tier price and we were with local only. There is a well that we wanted to talk but could not understand it. We stuck to the little boy smiles behind us. The roads are really super nice. The connection between the two cities is only highway. The path is flat almost to the level ... Rather than making small mounds on the roads, the mountains are all of hewn tunnels and if we are on the bridges. The scenery is beautiful.

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I enjoyed Laos alot

2005-03-04 10:48:03 by wat2dowat2do

I went in 2001. Bought a "package" from a Bangkok travel agent that included visa for crossing Thai Laos border up at Chang Rai, a boat trip down the Mekong for a few days, overnight accomodation at a french owned riverbank hotel, meals and dropped us off at Luang Prabang. The travel agent also included air tickets from Luang Prabang back to BKK. Not really an organised package tour, so to speak... wonderful experience, but I would warn against hiking or travelling in the back country or in a small group. Read warnings about land crossings. Stick with an organised tour in a mainstream area.
If you're in the region anyways, tack on a few days in Siam Reap in Cambodia. You can fly in and out of BKK. It was as memorable as Laos for different reasons. (architechure vs the people)

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