The search engine for flights open the doors of savings.

Posted on February 22, 2014 – 08:38 am

Have you ever imagined to a shop to pay the same merchandise two different prices depending on the door you came in? You think this is absurd? Yet for some OLTA, online travel agencies, it is not. On June 7, if you happened to find a flight from Milan to Bangkok to fly June 9 to 28 you would have found a flight Oman Air to Euro 537. This would be the result you would get by going to directly search the online travel agency's website (OLTA). The price obtained would have been different if you had started your search through a search engine as flights Skyscanner. In this case, you had only paid 509.00 without the addition of any law of agency. We're not just talking about the correct practice of some sites, one of the first to appear in the results of search engines, making a discount on the price of the flight equal to the fee for payment by credit card you may be asked in the last step before the Payment. In our case it is a real discount, in fact the final price of the ticket was 509 euros, compared with 537 in the same site, if you had opted for direct access, without going through a meta-search engine. On June 8, we proceeded to a further check on an Alitalia flight (operated by Etihad Airways), always to fly from Milan to Bangkok June 12 to 17. On the same site, by accessing it directly, the price would have been € 506, 60, while if our were accessed via a flight search engine, the price proposed finished for the same flights on the same site would be of 475, 60 Euro.


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Yes you can - no problem

2005-10-01 09:16:29 by aslong

As there is availibility on the flights. I would also guess you might be paying a little extra at the airport (as opposed to a cheaper travel agency in Bangkok).

Airline from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

2007-11-01 21:23:28 by ---

You don't need to make reservation from here. On the day you are ready to go from Bangkok to Chaing Mai, just go to the Bangkok airport and to travel agency located inside and just book a flight to Chiang Mai at that moment, they have lots of various cheap accomodations special there as in cheap local airline available and hotel with free breakfast packages.

Where to stay.

2004-02-05 19:47:21 by klo

OK your on a hostel budget...don't worry. Most hostels are fine just not your typical run down hotel a little less and sometimes a little better. There are travel agencies everywhere in Bangkok you will never have trouble finding one. For your visas go to the thai visa office, don't do it through a travel agency because half of the time they are fake then your screwed. Plane tickets can be bought through any travel agency, I prefer to call the airlines direct and get a price, or just by at the airport. I have never had a problem with air tickets in Thailand. The train is worth checking out as well. To Suratthani is an overnighter but it's alright. most trains anywhere take a while but you get to see the country. You can find tons of cheap hotels.

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