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Destinations around the world are trying to attract Chinese tourists in Shanghai

November 16, 2012 If Comment

(SPANISH.CHINA.ORG.CN) - South Korea and Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand and Malaysia, remain the most popular destinations for Chinese travelers, while African and American countries are increasing their efforts to attract tourists to town, as it was found yesterday in the China International Travel Mart, held in Shanghai.

Japanese Exhibitors not attending this year's event, which usually have large promotional campaigns because of the territorial dispute that his country and China have on the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands.

Thailand and South Korea, the first and third overseas destination travel agencies in Shanghai in the last year, reported strong growth in Chinese tourist arrivals as a result of the conflict between Beijing and Tokyo.

Around 2.2 million Chinese visited Thailand last October, 42 percent more than the same month last year, and many of them came from Shanghai, according to the Tourism Authority of that country, which makes an important promotion at the fair.

More than 80 percent of those travelers were part of groups of tourists visiting mainly Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, the popular Thai destinations.

China this year will surely move to Malaysia as the main source of visitors to Thailand, Chaiwat said Charoensuk, director and chief representative office in Shanghai Tourism Administration of that country.

South Korean Boom

The promotion stands many Asian countries, such as South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Maldives are some of the most visited in the show. The South Korean exhibitors said the number of Chinese tourists to the east of mainland surpassed that of Japanese travelers in the months of July, August and October for the first time in history.

Tensions over the islands between China and Japan erupted last summer when Japan announced its willingness to buy the disputed archipelago. Last September, the National Tourism Administration of China warned tourists from his country who were in Japan or planning to travel to that destination to be careful.

The main Shanghai travel agency paralyzed the organization of visits to Japanese territory and recommended tourists make alternative plans due to the conflict over the islands.


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Visas in SE Asia

2005-03-12 18:44:32 by susak7

Does anybody know if it is posible to get visas for other SE Asian countries in Hong Kong? Has anybody done it, not just heard about it? I am not a US citizen, so need visas for most countries that's why. Thai consulate is in LA, and I don't feel like going there and don't feel like paying the visa agencies 75$ to take care of it for me, but will be in Hong Kong for two weeks, and have the time there to do it.
Also, is it posible to organize visits to Angkor Wat from Bangkok. I am going alone, so I am thinking of an already organized tour through a local agency. Anybody knows anything about this?
Thank you all very much in advance.

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