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It is indeed common and be a nightmare to go by bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap, Cambodia. But it is possible to have a peaceful trip, if you know to get rid of the scams that have along the way and is easy enough to know what happens, to avoid them. We live and we pass ... 5 ways to go by bus from Bangkok to Siem Riep
1) From minibus to the border + bus across the border to Siem Reap, purchasing agencies.

Travel time: 9 hours

How much: Between 400 / U$12, 30 e 500 ฿ / U$16, 60. ฿ / U $ 12.30 and 500 ฿ / U $ 16.60.

Disadvantage: The bus after the border take to arrive purposely to arrive late Siem Reap. Arriving there stop at the station and the tuk tuk take you to hotels in that they earn commission, you're tired and we accept that it offers you. This always happens!

Advantage: Only paying cheaper, but perrengue a long journey and the stress does not pay.

2) minibus taxi to the border for 4 + people across the border to Siem Reap, purchasing agencies.

Travel time: 6 hours travel

฿ / U$26, 55 How much: 800 ฿ / U $ 26.55

Downside: The price is more expensive than if you do the same thing yourself, on your own.

Advantage: You get faster, the trip is not as tiring and does not pass the stress of spending hours "extras" on the bus without which it takes to reach and need not be negotiating with the taxi at the border, the agency takes care of everything.

3) minibus to the border + seen + included in the price taxi for 4 people over the border to Siem Reap, purchasing agencies.

Travel time: 6 hours travel

฿ / U$59, 75 How much: ฿ 1, 800 / U $ 59.75

Downside: The price. Costs more than if you do the same thing yourself, on your own.

Advantage: You have paid all ready and not have to worry about anything and will not even be thinking that has a mafia behind everything.

What we did ...

4) Buy only the minibus to the border and then do the visa and take taxi to Siem Reap for your account.

How it works: Getting in Aranya Prathet , The border city minibus for a bit before the border, in a "agency" partner them, you go down, some lads agency trying to convince you to do because to them, paying more ($ 30 to $ 40), but not accepted, thank, says that already has seen, not to cause stress and follow with your suitcase walking for less than 10 minutes to the border, cross the border of Thailand, drive to the border of Cambodia, get seen easily (U 100 + $ 20 + 1 foto 3X4), saia da sala do visto, ande alguns passos, preencha um formulário de entrada no Cambodia que vão te dar, pegue o carimbo no passaporte e saía da imigração. ฿ 1 photo + 3X4), exit the room visa, walk a few steps, fill out an entry form in Cambodia that will give you, get a stamp in the passport and out of immigration. Walk a little further, follow the flow of tourists and take a free shuttle bus that takes you to the bus station. There is a booth that sells bus pass (U $ 9) or taxi ($ 12) to Siem Reap. When negotiating the taxi, talk that is expensive and do that will get another taxi outside the station. Even though he speaks that taxis are not safe out there, be firm in the proposal and so he always lowers. We pay $ 10 per person for a taxi for 4 people, with no difficulty and not much bargaining. Okay, it was all very easy, much more than we imagined.

Source: viagemafora.blogspot.com

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Visas in SE Asia

2005-03-12 18:44:32 by susak7

Does anybody know if it is posible to get visas for other SE Asian countries in Hong Kong? Has anybody done it, not just heard about it? I am not a US citizen, so need visas for most countries that's why. Thai consulate is in LA, and I don't feel like going there and don't feel like paying the visa agencies 75$ to take care of it for me, but will be in Hong Kong for two weeks, and have the time there to do it.
Also, is it posible to organize visits to Angkor Wat from Bangkok. I am going alone, so I am thinking of an already organized tour through a local agency. Anybody knows anything about this?
Thank you all very much in advance.

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