Fellow in Vietnam. Day 11: Bangkok

Posted on April 7, 2014 – 05:05 pm

jun June 28

I just arrived in Bangkok after an affair for posterity (the way we crossed the border was a bit surreal and we had a little accident on the way). Why I'm in Bangkok? Because I've finally decided that Leo Burnett will visit knowing that if I can not accept me stay with them.

23/06/2013 10.15.32-1

It's a decision that really makes me sad and angry. Sorry for what may happen and anger at the slow pace they had in answer since the days of visiting agencies in Ho Chi Minh were completed because at this point, when we do the interview, I can not change the ticket back to Spain . So either Leo Burnett accepts me under the condition that they pay me a ticket back in September (which is very unlikely but you never know) or I start preparing for the interview I expected in Madrid and I got through this madness. But I'm optimistic because it's always good to make new contacts and you could leave the door open to return next year.

So with this picture back to Ho Chi Minh City on Monday for the interview on Tuesday morning, which may be my farewell interview in this region because after seeing Bangkok and have planned to go to three agencies I have the feeling that this may be a new "Ogilvy", only now, before you get to the secretary of the agency I have to overcome the safety of the buildings ... so today will be a curious day.

In short: in a while I'll JWT, BBDO and Ogilvy. The list was longer but had in one day is achieved 3-4 visit agencies like much so I have selected those that I wanted to know (almost I have the feeling that I travel to these agencies rather than by an internship) . For this occasion I have a website not prepared as the Vietnamese, but a pretty diverse portfolio I've been modeling in these days of rest and to hopefully let me know.

In 24 hours will see what happens. Wish me luck!


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Visas in SE Asia

2005-03-12 18:44:32 by susak7

Does anybody know if it is posible to get visas for other SE Asian countries in Hong Kong? Has anybody done it, not just heard about it? I am not a US citizen, so need visas for most countries that's why. Thai consulate is in LA, and I don't feel like going there and don't feel like paying the visa agencies 75$ to take care of it for me, but will be in Hong Kong for two weeks, and have the time there to do it.
Also, is it posible to organize visits to Angkor Wat from Bangkok. I am going alone, so I am thinking of an already organized tour through a local agency. Anybody knows anything about this?
Thank you all very much in advance.

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