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Posted on March 31, 2014 – 03:21 pm
Bangkok to Angkor Wat overland, Bangkok to Angkor Wat tours

With Air Asia flight from Bangkok we reached in an hour Phon Phemn. The entry visa on arrival you buy by paying $ 25 and presenting a passport photo (do not forget to take her from Italy). At the exit we took a motoremorque that the $ 7 we ...

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With Air Asia flight from Bangkok we reached in an hour Phon Phemn. The entry visa on arrival you buy by paying $ 25 and presenting a passport photo (do not forget to take her from Italy).

At the exit we took a motoremorque that the $ 7 led us to the hotel.

We had booked through the website "Asiarooms", the "Mittaheap" at a cost of € 37, 00 per day. The hotel do not recommend it because it is old, not very nice and the breakfast a little 'poor. It is located close to the Central Market where you can buy everything.

In the evening we had dinner from "Friends" where we strongly advise you to go because not only do you eat very well, but it helps a charity.

We moved to the city asking for a ride for 1 $ a "reckless riders" or the motoremorque.

The following morning we visited the complex of the Royal Palace, the National Museum which is a short distance from the Royal Palace in an elegant red and has an appreciable collection of statues of Khmer art.

In the afternoon we visited the Museum Toul Sleng, a school adibitata a concentration camp by Pol Pot where we recommend you take a guide. He will tell you things horrifying, but so instructive, a slice of history that we know very little.

If you want, in the street in front of the museum there is a shop where you can buy some souvenirs doing good. Also worth visiting is the hill of Phenm where there is a small and picturesque Buddhist temple where we were able to attend the prayer with the music wonderful. We breathed a little 'authentic air of the East.

We also recommend a visit to the FCC restaurant, with lovely riverside terrace, where it is difficult to image at the table next to journalists, including Terzani, who commented on the tragic events that have shaken the recent history of this country.

You will have no problem eating it along the river there are also many international restaurants, but always check the menu outside, some have Italian prices.

I have not had the chance to do it, but if you have a relaxing massage at the feet go in the centers for the blind. Not being planned, as you can imagine, no disability pension, disabled people are trying to earn some money doing massage, selling items and playing their instruments typical.

The next morning we took a bus line "Angkor Express" in seven hours for $ 7 led us to Siam Reap. The "Mekong Express" costs $ 10 to do the same route because there is a guide on board. Tickets can be purchased in one of the many travel agencies that are located along the river.

Bring something to eat because the service stations are terrifying. And 'interesting to see baskets full of different kinds of insects and "delicious" sausage entirely covered with flies. We took some sandwiches in a sandwich shop which is located next FCC. If you go there avoid taking creamy cheeses import (on me they had a devastating effect) and consider that it is a bit 'expensive.


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So many

2003-07-30 12:40:26 by inchiangmai

You can't walk very far without stumbling into a restaurant, guesthouse, or travel agency that can hook you up with a class. The one I attended is called the Thai Food Cooking School, their office is near Thapae Gate in the old part of the city. Here's their address:
2-6 Ratchadamnuen Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 50200.
Got a nifty little cookbook from them, too, and I'm happy to share recipes, though I haven't tried all of them. Chiang Mai is particularly known for being the place where you can take a cooking class--the success of one class a few years back spawned dozens of copy cats. I don't know of any classes in Bangkok, but I'm sure you could find some by asking around.

Yeah. went on a tour though.

2012-08-02 09:49:21 by paperairplanes

Arrived at Bangkok and went on a tour from there. You should look up travel agency's. There are some pretty good deals

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