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IMG_8373 Just got back and I can say this place is full of surprises!

From day trips to relax and beautiful landscapes and night bars, ballad and a lot of people excited.mkb And even more encouraging are the prices much lower than what we are accustomed to paying.

I will make a summary of what we do not stop if the trip is running ok?IMG_7512


I would say that Bangkok is the Sao Paulo of Brazil, super tumultuous, trade and people backfires but mega interesting, beautiful and fashionable girls walking down the street.

Have to go:


A kind of vertical shopping (7 floors) of camelodromos. You will find many capinhas mobile foférrimas, latest generation electronic although it is difficult to believe that 4G iPads sold in stalls and much cheaper are true .. But I do not know, may be! Is tb, watches fakes watches, second hand brand new overpriced ... Doubt if they are true ... But even comes with certificate and everything! Hmm .... Clothes, shoes, cosmetics and muuuuitas cheap junk.feira I bought a fringe super realistic for $ 10 .

On the fifth floor has a food court with several islands with foods from different countries. Yummy! And eating well under $ 10.

Leaving the MKB in the direction CHIC shopping across the street, u will find a street with several stalls with clothes, shoes and accessories super fashions, current and cheap!! Yes, without a husband, u will get lost in these stalls .. There's a lot of good taste at a bargain price, it's amazing!! It is not for nothing that tailâdesas dress very well. Everything is so nice that I doubt very much that u will want to enter the upscale shopping has on, I did not even look at him!

But not everything is flowers, there are cons ... Tents clothing station mixed with food stalls strange and smelly, ate style, died! It's a lot of people going through the same time, everyone sweating and rubbing. But Bangkok is the style of living! It's cool, things and the prices make you forget those details! Take an afternoon to stroll among the shops and street stalls.


The floating market is one of the postcards from Bangkok. The ride is beautiful and fun! The package is bought in various places but as there are many malandrinhos looking silly tourist prefer to buy in your own Hotel or agencies that would inspire confidence.



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Check the Frommers site

2007-02-20 01:34:44 by nameword

Their basic travel cheap book used to recommend a few courrier companies and they were definitely legit (I knew people who did the courrier thing on a regular basis), but that was some time ago. It always involved thinking a long way ahead or being able to travel at the drop of a hat for a period of time specified by the courrier agency, not you, courriering each way, so you couldn't accumulate ...weeek later, NYC to/from Bangkok. The bargains were to be had in the last minute trips. One example of a person who did this was a freelance Israeli textile designer living in NYC, able to do what she did anywhere. She used it to travel to visit her relatives in Israel whenever a last minute Israeli commission was available. The recent security laws may have made such travel much less practical.

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