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Posted on April 30, 2014 – 07:09 pm

The first time I visited Bangkok I thought it was boring and sad city, a city overexploited like many others in Asia. I thought it was a city with an important temple and little else. However, as the days passed my perception was changing. And changed especially as discovered Khao San Road. That first visit back since the year 2006 and it was my second trip to Asia. Ilusa of me thought that little could see interesting Bangkok, believed that the city just looked prostitution, counterfeiting and dangers. Of those still was a scary traveler.

Now, after a few years and several trips later, my vision of Bangkok has changed. I think that is the target of the destinations, I think is the most fascinating city in the world.
Bangkok is true that there is poverty, prostitution and violence, would be a lie not to admit it, but there is much more: there are temples at every corner, friendly people and is a shopper's paradise.

The early days of that trip were spent in the hotel we chose, the Shangri-La Bangkok, it was the hotel that had been recommended in the travel agency. And yes, the hotel is great, but the price was too. The truth is that suited us both to have a luxury hotel for the first two days were pretty sick.

From the third day and we could leave our luxury cage and around the city. The aroma of spices filled the air, there were flower stalls on every corner and plenty of store imitations.

In the travel guide, recommended a visit to Khao San Road and decided to approach, but our hotel was across the river.

From that moment I was fascinated, Khao San is everything! There are food, pubs, bars, shops, clothing stalls, music, lights, massage, huge fish tanks ... And tourists, many tourists!
The evening is the best time to visit the area because as soon as the sun goes down Khao San rejuvenates!

The second time I traveled to Thailand, I decided to stay closer to Khao San so they have more of about backpacking life. Yes, that's where all backpackers staying flocking to Bangkok and it is logical, it is also the area where we can find more budget rooms.

This time we stayed in a small hotel more modest and economical: the Roof View Plaza. This hotel is very well located and has a swimming pool which is a plus, but the staff is not nice.
However, any guesthouse on Khao San Rd, Tani Th, Th and Su Soi Rambuttri is affordable! Countless options you have this area for travelers ... is undoubtedly the very heart of Bangkok!

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