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Thailand: Bangkok to Vientiane Visa Run with Thai Visa Service

A major cities in Southeast Asia, Bangkok is for Westerners gateway to Thailand. Bangkok offers all the possibilities of a great city. A variety of entertainment ranging from holidays to visits to Buddhist temples. Most tourists and backpackers looking for accommodation in the Khao San Road and the surrounding area. A cheap option to sleep is the choice of guesthouses. In Khao San Road is easy to find travel agencies to buy train tickets and bus to other destinations in Thailand.

Chang Mai is the main city of the north. One of the most traditional places in the country, has the best cooking courses, massage and Thai boxing. Many Westerners choose to Chang Mai to spend some time and learn the secrets of Thai. There is a trail of three days that the guesthouses offer in which part of the path is done on an elephant and there is still a part in raft.

It's worth venturing through villages around Chiang Mai The village of Pai has waterfalls, hot springs, cheap bungalows and bars very entertaining. Mother and Chang Rai are also good places to meet. Try renting scooters for exploring the region.

Care in Northern Thailand. Opium production is great and the army is everywhere. Of course I would advise but if you buy something, attention and suspicion. There are still, in remote villages, posters avian flu. Abiding by these warnings, the north is a must.

Chiang Khong borders with Laos. Boats make the trip to Luang Prabang in 2 days. You can take the fast boat and do in a few hours but the noise is infernal and many do not trust that a small boat with such speed bear any beat.

A good script begins to Laos in Luang Prabang, which may take a diverted Muang Nhoi, returning to the path of the Mekong River and passing through Vang Vieng, Vientiane, Pakse and reaching the 4000 islands. The visa for Laos should be applied in Chiang Mai or Bangkok, the latter being faster.

On sunny days, the waterfall Luang Prabang looks like a movie set. Do not forget also to prove BeerLao, local beer very good and strong. Another tip: In 2005, there was only one ATM (automated teller machine) throughout Laos, located in Vientiane. Take cash.

In southern Thailand beaches are located. There are islands and beaches facing the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. The cost in the south is relatively higher than in the rest of the country. Most tourists are bound for the beaches that are heavenly.

Who can forget like surfing. Seldom does peak conducive to the sport. Those who prefer diving will vibrate. Courses are affordable and ideal conditions: high visibility and variety of underwater species. Koh Tao Island is the most popular when it comes to diving (but not the only!).

The famous Full Moon Party, the largest beach party in the world, is located in Koh Phan Gan, a few hours from Koh Tao. There's also the Half Moon Party which is actually a rave in the mountains. Both parties take place every month during full moons, ascending and descending.

Another attraction is the island Koh Phi Phi. Devastated by the 2004 tsunami, the community is already largely recovered and ready to receive visitors. The natives are very receptive because they need to recover the tourism potential of the region. NGOs work helping the residents of Koh Phi Phi. The movie The Beach, Danny Boyle (Transpoiting) with Leonardo de Caprio was filmed there.


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Bomb blasts damage fragile Indonesian economy

2002-10-14 10:53:00 by bali

Southeast Asian markets tumbled Monday as investors across the region reacted to the Bali bombings that killed more than 180 and sparked fears of new terrorism.
In Jakarta, stocks tumbled more than 9 percent, and markets sank in Bangkok, Manila and Kuala Lumpur on investor fears of "Bali Effect" copycat attacks.
The Indonesian rupiah plummeted against the dollar.
Some invest...iser canceled all its charter trips to Bali until Christmas.
Meanwhile, organizers of an upcoming energy conference, the Seventh Annual Condensate Forum, shifted their meeting from Bali to Singapore because of security concerns.
More than 5 million foreigners visited Indonesia in 2001 -- about 1.5 million to Bali alone -- accounting for about $5 billion in foreign exchange earnings

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