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Since my Long Beach Broken Dreams, I began to actively search for alternative countries. Can not go to Long Beach, can not really put on a bikini, and implement this year set their own "great liberation" theme, so he chose to "liberate Half + money" as an alternative, to listen to a friend bangkok package of fun, so I began to notice that I am a Start impression only place where Simon and fall head. Its rich colors and diverse designs accidentally caught my attention, most importantly, the prices seem very cheap! Since it is to save money, we must thoroughly Province. The first is the selection of airlines. Bangkok round-trip ticket to fly KLM approximately NT $ 6, 500 per person, around 10 pm but the flight, Pass! Evergreen has limited flight, plus tax almost NT $ 8, 000-9, 000, Pass! Little better Thai Airways flight time would choose, but some light ticket asking price per person would more than 10, 000. Is considering to buy a travel agency packages, or buy their own tickets and hotel separately? But even picked contrast cheapest five days and four nights machine plus wine trip (hotel and EVA Airways go early afternoon back taxes totaling $ 13, 500 and the airport to the hotel shuttle back and forth, excluding hotels and hotel rooms), will be more than own separate set extra $ 7, 000 / two, so after Aunt parity drives me crazy, I decided to order their own machines add wine, tickets section found more than a choice, that is officially in September this year in Taiwan operations AirAsia AirAsia . Order cheap airline AirAsia network of early experience. Into the official website of the approximate fare, to see the end of September with 20% discount, so ladies I did not hesitate to join the ranks of buying. But in fact are not the same fare every day, mainly to the actual date (airport taxes are not the same), but the network scheduled meals and baggage weight, 20% discount, so I'm back and forth before meals Order , discounted down to about $ 60 per meal NT, but in response to her husband to specify the requirements to sit Window seat (in fact, early in the morning and also his lazy do not want to line up to the boarding gate), so I Order a window seat, two round-trip tickets plus four meals (NT $ 240), while the back and forth chose a window seat (NT $ 208), a total of NT $ 11, 000 yuan or so.


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My guess

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Get a good price to Bangkok and buy tickets from the many travel agencies there. My wife did this when she came to visit me while I was in India this year and probably saved about $90 compared to what my company paid (which went through an Indian travel agency, although the ticket prices were very close to what I was able to find online). My ticket between Mumbai and Hyderabad cost over $200 but...igner premium.' The train is probably cheaper if you have the time.
I liked Hyderabad, it's a prettier and cleaner city than Mumbai. Gandulkar fort is an amazing castle. Good shopping with pearls being a particular specialty (strange for an inland city but related to the 'Nazam', the incredibly rich rulers that once ran the show there). Be sure to catch an Indian movie while you are there.

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