From Bangkok to Siem Reap by land

Posted on May 3, 2014 – 07:20 pm

Go from Bangkok to Siem Reap bus for many travelers is a real headache and the reason is far from the 6/7 hours drive separating the two cities.What discourages many travelers it is the border between Thailand and Cambodia,known for its high concentration of "scams" per square meter.And due to this reason,there are many who choose to use a travel agency in Bangkok to organize the trip.Of course this eliminates all the "stress" inherent in the border crossing,but obviously also involves opening the purse strings (minimum paid up about 3 times more).

Bus linking Bangkok to the Thai border with Cambodia

But for those who,like us,you wish to travel independently "on a budget" here are some tips and information that will help make your journey between Bangkok and Siem Reap in a "walk in the park" ... version Southeast Asia,course.
Where to buy bus tickets to the border The bus tickets to the border (border town of Aranyaprathet) can be purchased at any travel agency in Bangkok,but of course it means paying more for the same.Therefore,unless the lack of time does not allow it,the better it is going to buy tickets to the Northern Bus Terminal,also known as Mo Chit.The price of it is 220 baht (about 5.6 euros).

Check out the Mo Chit station - BTS Skytrain. To the right side can see the bus stop 3 and 77.

Also note that you can not buy bus tickets directly to Siem Reap. So if you address someone with this offering will be surely a scam to get you to buy a "pack" of a travel agency.
Across the border from Thailand to Cambodia

Arriving at Aranyaprathet coming from Bangkok (about 4 hours drive) bus leaves you at the bus station where they will be approached by dozens of "tuk tuk drivers" in order to take you to the border itself (or rather the market border Rongklua).

We opted to go on foot,which still meant a 20 minute walk and many requests for information to give to the Thai border post "lost" among the hundreds of stalls Rongklua.When we approached the checkpoint start "raining" people in order to sell you a visa in Cambodia.Needless to say,work for travel agencies and asking at least double the price due for the visa.The best thing is to say that already took the visa in Bangkok (which may be true) but these "boys" do not you drop out.And look what they are full of tricks and lie with agility.The most common lie is to say that no longer exists "visa on arrival".

Once across the border in Thailand has to walk a good 200 meters until you reach the immigration of Cambodia (which will appear on your right after crossing the "Friendship Bridge").By the way multiply the posters announcing that this is where you take the visa.They are nothing but scams travel agencies.And once again will be covered by the authentic "tourism professionals" who claim to work for the government and who are there to help you overcome the bureaucracy inherent input Cambodia.Bullshit!What they really want is to take you a few coppers. So ignore these people and move firmly to the Cambodian immigration (or if you have already seen the follow up to the checkpoint).


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Buying Airline Tickets On Line ?'s

2002-12-08 13:02:32 by PvGuy

Here's my situation, I am retired and living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Last year I tried to purchase a airline ticket through for Puerto Vallarta to Bangkok. I liked because my dates and times are very flexible and they are the only site I have found that have a 'Flexible' option. I thought that being flexible might save me some money.
Well, after enterin... buy the Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco leg of the trip on line from (Alaska Airlines) and they didn't care where I lived and they gave me a super price.
I'm getting in the mood for another trip (?) and would like to get the best price possible.
Should I have a friend in San Francisco buy the ticket for me? Use another web-site? Any Ideas?
Thanks for any help.

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