10 Tips for Cheap Air Tickets to Bangkok

Posted on September 13, 2012 – 00:00

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10 Tips for Cheap Air Tickets to Bangkok

This question deals with all travelers. How do I get the ticket at the best price? Like so many in life, there is not ONE answer here, but many factors that you should consider. You stick to the following tips, you have at least made the best possible, and must not be annoyed about passengers next one, who paid less

1 Internet comparison

Of course the first way should result in the net there to gain a first impression about the prices. That is the benchmark to which it is measured.

2 Contact Tour Operator

Call to tour operators who specialize in the desired destination. This group quotas for airlines sometimes buy one and may still have residual spaces left. Since they are in terms of time predetermined, but the price can then be very exciting.

3 Go travel agency

Yes, you will not believe. The there is also - and have something of a good reason for being. If you have found a very good, one is there almost always perfect advice and finds already the best price and the best tips. Ok, but first you have to find a good

4 Choice of airline

I come to Bangkok with about 20 airlines ex Germany and adjacent countries. Not only look at the most popular airlines, especially the small or new airlines usually have very interesting rates. Also a Finnair and SriLankan Airlines fly to the Thai capital. Or did you know that Singapore Airlines flies from Munich to Manchester

5 Flexibility of data

On weekends long-haul flights are booked more than a week. Tuesday through Thursday are often to get better prices. These include when planning a trip with.

6 Switch

The fastest way (non-stop) is also usually higher priced. When Flight Search Flights therefore always (even twice) Include in the search. These are little preferred and can thus be more free to have pronounced cheaper.

7 Poker

Who has nerves can wait until the end to special tariffs. Later than one month before departure date, airlines take the last flight seats on the market. Because if they still have any. However, this is a very bold tip. It can also end more expensive. But - who is extremely flexible in time, for it is absolutely recommended.

8 High Season or Lowseason

For the airlines, the High Season is expensive and time Lowseason the favorable time. Who wants to travel to the best travel time it harder. Who can travel in the Lowseason, comes off better. So ask the travel agency when the Seasons corresponding to the desired destination is. In the Lowseason is purely for the Easter holidays until June, and in September / October again.

9 From where I fly?

Why always from Frankfurt or Munich? Look across the border to Amsterdam, Belgium and France. Here there are always times does not yield the bargain of the German market.

10th Earn Miles

Actually each airline has a mileage program. Simply enter (is free) and collect miles. These can then redeem on the next flights. The classic is still one of the best tips. But you have to fly a few times already, however.


THE a way for an airline ticket to Bangkok, there are not. It is always a combination of several tips to as low as possible to travel. Good luck

Source: www.das-asien-portal.de

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Check the Frommers site

2007-02-20 01:34:44 by nameword

Their basic travel cheap book used to recommend a few courrier companies and they were definitely legit (I knew people who did the courrier thing on a regular basis), but that was some time ago. It always involved thinking a long way ahead or being able to travel at the drop of a hat for a period of time specified by the courrier agency, not you, courriering each way, so you couldn't accumulate ...weeek later, NYC to/from Bangkok. The bargains were to be had in the last minute trips. One example of a person who did this was a freelance Israeli textile designer living in NYC, able to do what she did anywhere. She used it to travel to visit her relatives in Israel whenever a last minute Israeli commission was available. The recent security laws may have made such travel much less practical.

Where to stay.

2004-02-05 19:47:21 by klo

OK your on a hostel budget...don't worry. Most hostels are fine just not your typical run down hotel a little less and sometimes a little better. There are travel agencies everywhere in Bangkok you will never have trouble finding one. For your visas go to the thai visa office, don't do it through a travel agency because half of the time they are fake then your screwed. Plane tickets can be bought through any travel agency, I prefer to call the airlines direct and get a price, or just by at the airport. I have never had a problem with air tickets in Thailand. The train is worth checking out as well. To Suratthani is an overnighter but it's alright. most trains anywhere take a while but you get to see the country. You can find tons of cheap hotels.

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