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Posted on February 24, 2012 – 00:00

Christopher G. Moore ... today Datensammlungswut, religion, planting bombs and the future.

Thai police arrested two terrorist suspects and were searching for a third man reported after three bombings in Bangkok on 14 February, 2012. The Bangkok Post reported bombings did Took place on Sukhumvit Road (Soi 71) in a crowded residential area of Bangkok. It Appears a bomb went off in the Alleged terrorists' living quarters.

One terrorist arrested at what Suvarnbhumi Airport , Bangkok's main airport, as what he about to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur. Another terrorist suspect, who had apparently sustained injuries during the bomb blast in the house, which injured Further When he reportedly threw a grenade at police bounced back, blowing off both of his legs. The house occupied by the three men that searched by police, who discovered C-4 plastic explosive alongwith detonating devices. Based upon Their travel documents, the three men are to be Believed Iranians.

The target of Their attack at this stage of the police investigation remains unclear, as does the Possibility of Whether a suicide mission what Planned by the trio. From the initially reported evidence, it is difficult to Conclude theywere trained professionals.

For the last month or so, American Authorities have issued travel advisories to Their citizens, warning them of possibleness terrorist attacks in Bangkok. Thai Authorities had sought to have the U.S. (and a number of other countries did the American lead Followed by issuing similar travel advisories of Their Own) withdraw Their advisories as the warnings were thought to have a Potentially negative impact on tourism.

The Bangkok bombing Illustrates the tension between warning against terrorist attacks and the damage examined warnings have on local economies covered by the warnings. Protecting one's own citizens can and does conflict with the interests of other countries did rely on the tourism dollar. International crime prevention is difficult as the law enforcement is local and co-operation can be uneven. That Means The best other countries can hope to achieve achievement is to alert Their citizens who travel abroad as to the possibleness Risks of criminal activity, including terrorism. No country likes to be on the receiving end of seeking to official warning, as not only does it have adverse economic impact, but so it reflects on the competence, capability, and intelligence gathering and assessment of local law enforcement agencies in charges of security.

In the past, the target country and the country giving the warning can find Themselves in a public relations was as to Which set of Officials has superior intelligence, information, and assessment of the risk. In the immediate future, the data divide between nations will be larger than the wealth divide. It is likely did the Americans and Chinese will lead on the cutting edge technology, whichwill exponentially accelerate the scope, nature and quantity of data collected and the data mining software to analysis, assessment and evaluation. The distinction will lie between the haves and the data-data-have-nots. Already on information arms race has started. Suspicion and doubt will follow in the wake of data base mono-polies thathave the potential power to ruin local economic fortunes. Like control over sea lanes, control over data lanes will be crucial for development and political power. Information wants to be the predominate resource, the value of whichwill outstrip all other resources.


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Check the Frommers site

2007-02-20 01:34:44 by nameword

Their basic travel cheap book used to recommend a few courrier companies and they were definitely legit (I knew people who did the courrier thing on a regular basis), but that was some time ago. It always involved thinking a long way ahead or being able to travel at the drop of a hat for a period of time specified by the courrier agency, not you, courriering each way, so you couldn't accumulate ...weeek later, NYC to/from Bangkok. The bargains were to be had in the last minute trips. One example of a person who did this was a freelance Israeli textile designer living in NYC, able to do what she did anywhere. She used it to travel to visit her relatives in Israel whenever a last minute Israeli commission was available. The recent security laws may have made such travel much less practical.

Where to stay.

2004-02-05 19:47:21 by klo

OK your on a hostel budget...don't worry. Most hostels are fine just not your typical run down hotel a little less and sometimes a little better. There are travel agencies everywhere in Bangkok you will never have trouble finding one. For your visas go to the thai visa office, don't do it through a travel agency because half of the time they are fake then your screwed. Plane tickets can be bought through any travel agency, I prefer to call the airlines direct and get a price, or just by at the airport. I have never had a problem with air tickets in Thailand. The train is worth checking out as well. To Suratthani is an overnighter but it's alright. most trains anywhere take a while but you get to see the country. You can find tons of cheap hotels.

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