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Posted on February 26, 2014 – 09:14 am

There are essentially four ways to get from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

  1. Tourist bus
  2. Deluxe / VIP bus
  3. Train
  4. Flight
The type of the drive depends on the budget, the time and the preferred luxury.

In all travel agencies ("travel agency") of the city, a trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok are booked - but also to Luang Prabang and Laos.
The costs are not always cheap and easily vary from agency to agency. Travel agencies in prominent locations such as the Moon Muang Road (the main tourist strip in Chiang Mai) and to Tapae gate demand more money than the travel agencies in the side streets.

Flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Chiang Mai International Airport

Flying is certainly the most expensive, but also a convenient option to enable Bangkok to reach.
Chiang Mai International Airport (Airport Code: CNX) is open from 05:00 to midnight daily flights to Bangkok from manufactures.
Thai Airways offers at least every hour flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Flight Chiang Mai (CNX) Bangkok (BKK)
The Chiang Mai International Airport is just 4 miles southwest of Tapae Gate in Chiang Mai. The journey to the airport takes approximately 25 minutes depending on traffic.

Tip: book the flight at least a week in advance to get the best rate.

By train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Night trains are a relatively comfortable alternative to flying. In the dining car meals, drinks and snacks are served.

First-class tickets: ride in a two-person compartment. Solo travelers will share the narrow space and the sink with a stranger.
Many travelers opt for a sleeper in the second Class consisting of bunks with privacy and is only provided with curtains.
The upper beds are cheaper than the lower and offer a little less space.
All cars are air-conditioned.

Tip: Trains fill up very quickly. Therefore, the ticket should be booked as several days or even weeks in advance.

By bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

The travel agent will call the station or bus company to ensure that a place is available.
Immediately before and after holidays such as Songkran and Loi Krathong, the tickets should be booked in advance.

Some tickets include the transfer from the hotel to the Arcade bus station or the train station in Chiang Mai.
When booking clarify whether the cost of the ticket includes the transfer, or the journey is done responsibly to the bus station.

The buses run mostly on time , but sometimes come on to unconventional times. No matter what people tell you in the Travel Agency, - all buses are uncomfortable after a few hours.
The train or a flight is clearly the better choice.


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