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Thailand visa , In the return trip before the trip, I finally have the opportunity to own a trip to Thailand to apply for a tourist visa,
In completing the document, on the application process it sorted out well for everyone,
I hope everyone can bid, you do not hand it to travel agents earn!

所撰寫,安雅小編熱愛旅行,文章跟照片品質都相當棒, Benpian is written Xiaobian Anya, Anya Xiaobian love of travel, the article with the picture quality are quite stick,
Anya Xiao Bian also hope that the future can be a lot to share travel articles, please also have the opportunity to join in yo.

Anya, Love, Travel:

First of all, Thailand is divided into a total of visas
1 "tourist visa"
(2) "transit visa"
3 "Business Visa"
依親、養老、教書、留學、拍片、宣揚宗教、醫療、科學研究 4 "Other Visas": According to the pro, pension, teaching, study, filmmaking, of religion, health care, scientific research

We most often handled by the Thai tourist visa, and each entry can stay 60 days in Thailand, once every three months, before authorizing entry, if too late to apply for a visa can apply for visas on arrival at Bangkok airport, check with reference to my previous related presentations The author of " How to apply for visas on arrival in Thailand , "a text.

Go ahead personally handled Thai tourist visa you need the following information:
1 Original passport (valid for at least six months)
2 sides of an ID card photocopy
3 two inches color white, head 3.6 cm to 3.2 cm in size, photos, a (within six months)
4 visa costs 1, 200 yuan (2013.6.3 onwards)

Apply for a tourist visa, remember to provide the bulk of the photographs should meet the requirements, based on my prior experience, their own ears are pasting the head, so the front is not looking to see when shooting ears, but fortunately knows photo studio is used to apply for a visa will not only remind me along my hair to the ear, bangs cover the forehead are not too much, plus follow-up has helped me a small repair and let the ears significantly more. So we go to apply for a visa, do not foolishly took a photo to go, then the audit but it will not refund to you Oh!Thailand visa

:看到泰國貿易經濟辦事處公告,從2013.6.3起實施欣一波的簽證辦理費用,以我們常辦理的觀光簽證費從1, 100元調整至1, 200元 。 2013.5.14 update: see announcement Thailand Trade and Economic Office, implemented since 2013.6.3 Yan wave from the visa fee to apply for a tourist visa, we often fee adjustment from 1, 100 yuan to 1, 200 yuan.Thailand visa The following are various visa fees, if there are any questions you can check to Thailand Trade and Economic Office Oh!Thailand visa

Transit Visa (Transit) -------------------------------- entire NT $ 950 per tourist visa (Tourist) - ------------------------------- NT $ 1, 200 per full non-immigrant visa (Non-Immigrant) once out - -------- entire NT $ 2, 300 non-immigrant visa (Non-Immigrant) several times a year out of the whole ----- NT $ 5, 600 non-immigrant visa (Non-Immigrant) several times a year and out ( OA category) ----- entire NT $ 5, 600 non-immigrant visa (Non-Immigrant) three times out (APEC card holders who) ----- entire NT $ 5, 600
ACMECS NT $ 1, 200 per visa ------------------------------------- whole

Next, I first office here in Taipei, share transfer process:

Step1. Came to Thailand Trade and Economic Office, 12th Floor, No. 168, Sung Chiang Road, Taipei (MRT Luzhou Line Songjiang Nanjing Station Exit 8)

See Bank of Kaohsiung, this can be entered, and the other into the Inner visitor data needs to fill the first floor.

Thailand visa Thailand visa Thailand visa Thailand visa

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Life can be complicated enough for members ...er at my local grocery store is rapidly transitioning toward womanhood. One of the Immigration Department officers who helped me re-new my work visa last year had both an adam's-apple and lavish mascara. Kathoeys star on T.V. soap operas and grace the catwalks, while an all- kathoey pop group called the Venus Flytrap plays the airwaves. Notable kathoey athletes include a kickboxing champion, ...

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