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泰國曼谷 倫披尼公園Lumphini Park Bangkok morning feeling green, the most recommended here - Bangkok, Thailand - like Central Park: Lumphini Park Lumphini Park (Hong Kong Translation: Yes Paradise)

Lumphini Park is large, it feels like New York's Central Park, which is suitable for jogging, exercise, take a boat, there are also stage performances, outdoor fitness equipment, children's play area ...

Lumphini Park is a very nice day, finishing and full-featured park Oh!泰國曼谷 倫披尼公園Lumphini Park MAP Here you can see the locals jogging, sports Oh!泰國曼谷 倫披尼公園Lumphini Park23 Want to experience the city park, it is recommended here!泰國曼谷 倫披尼公園Lumphini Park1

Lumphini Park MRT Lumphini Park near the BTS sky train when Sarah SALA DAENG stations, but the station about 10 minutes to go.

The subway to SI LOM Silom station, then out of the exit on to, is the most recent, just the general tourist accommodation and attractions, mostly selected in the green line (BTS) on.

Lumphini Park Lumphini Park near Muay Thai courts, in the past there's Sanglun night market, which is now the night market in Siem Luotian Tang replaces Oh!

Bangkok Muay Thai arena
Lumphini Athletic Hall Lumphini Stadium

Address: Rama 4 Road Lumphini Park next to Lumphini Park
Transportation: MRT Lumphini Station Tel :02 -251-4303
Date: Thu, Fri, Sat 18:30 Multi-field competitions Price: 2000, 1500, 1000 Baht Note: Contact your local travel agent ticket cheaper

I am from the BTS SALA DAENG Sarah out of the station when the station to MRT Subway direction.

Went to air Trails (MRT flyover) after the end of the stairs, cross the main road ... no traffic lights, is really so exciting!

Early in the morning the city has finally come ... Walking Sports ~ Call ~

Rama VI statue guarding the door ~

(泰文:รัชกาลที่ ๖;1880年1月1日-1925年11月26日),名哇棲拉兀(泰文:วชิราวุธ,皇家轉寫:Vajiravudh),中文名鄭寶,為泰國卻克里王朝第六位君主,1910年至1925年在位。 Rama VI (Thai: รัชกาล ที่ 6; 1880年1月1日26 November 1925), name wow habitat pull Wu (Thai: วชิราวุธ, Royal transliteration: Vajiravudh), Chinese name Lisa Cheng, Thailand Chakri dynasty sixth monarch, 1910-1925 reign. He is also the first in the history of Thailand's king abroad. After returning from the United Kingdom as a general of the army, and ascended the throne in 1910, and in the country (then ruled area is now Thailand, Laos, Cambodia) for the famous Chakri reforms.

泰國曼谷 倫披尼公園Lumphini Park2 泰國曼谷 倫披尼公園Lumphini Park3 泰國曼谷 倫披尼公園Lumphini Park4 泰國曼谷 倫披尼公園Lumphini Park5


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Media: Time mag:"Where the 'Ladyboys' Are"

2008-07-07 06:16:11 by austingeekgirl

Postcard from Bangkok
Where the 'Ladyboys' Are
Monday, Jul. 07, 2008 By HANNAH BEECH
Contestants in the transvestite beauty pageant, pause to be photographed prior to competition Saturday, May, 7, 2005, in Pattaya, Thailand. Transgenderism is common and widely accepted in mostly Buddhist Thailand, particularly in Bangkok.
Life can be complicated enough for members at my local grocery store is rapidly transitioning toward womanhood. One of the Immigration Department officers who helped me re-new my work visa last year had both an adam's-apple and lavish mascara. Kathoeys star on T.V. soap operas and grace the catwalks, while an all- kathoey pop group called the Venus Flytrap plays the airwaves. Notable kathoey athletes include a kickboxing champion, ...

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