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A guide that does not have what is best of a city is more useless than Mc Donalds Salad and New Year's purposes together ...so let the mess: we present the best of Bangkok and the things to see and do in this buliciosa capital.

eating the first pad thai of our lives ...needless to say it was not the last!

-VISIT THEIR TEMPLES AND THE ROYAL PALACE: from the Wat Arun the reclining Buddha of Wat Po ... the variety is not lacking!If you want to know what you can not miss to check out the post "the best temples of Bangkok"
- NAVIGATING THE CHAO PRAYA: one of the most fun ways to see the city is to navigate along the river.Let Luxury Cruise: Hop on the local boats that only cost 10-20 baht depending on the way!The best time for this "tour" is around 18.00 when the Bangkok sky puts on his best suit.

- ENJOY THE PARK: parks abound,and luck: you'll see that make you want to shade and relax! The larger the Lumphini Park, a first and last time you can enjoy the old men (and less) than do tai-chi,yoga and jogging trying to avoid the giant lizards that live in the lakes of the park.Santichaiprakan Park será tu oasi particular. If you are in the road and you need ssan Koh chaos off the Santichaiprakan Park will be your private oasis.

- EXPLORE CHINATOWN: every street has something amazing either a duck hanging in the street bars,rice paper lamps red slippers and robe cooks in frying kebabs or markets where there is no more needle. -ENJOY THE FOOD: tailandese gastronomy is undoubtedly one of the most delicious in the world,and if like us you are a good eater ... will be your paradise!Never miss the post soon "BEST THAI FOOD" and do not forget to accompany your dishes with beers thai richest: chang and singha.

mmm street food,which buenoooo

-MASSAGE-MANIA: few places in the world offer massage so good and so cheap so take advantage: at all times and everywhere there irresistible offers.(One hour can cost 150-300 baht)

- MUAY THAI: Thai no feel no passion for the sport of wrestling.Ratchadamnoen Stadium y en el Lumpini Stadium ,los precios varian entre 800-2.000 THB pero si quieres disfrutar del espectáculo gratis existen los " Sunday afternoon Muay Thai in a TV studio ”: unos combates que se graban para la TV. Donde? El estadio esta en Soi Ruamsirimirt . Cuando? Los Domingos a las 13:45 y los primeros miércoles de cada mes a las 12:00 (Gracias a Tripteria por el tip!) The main battles make the Ratchadamnoen Stadium and Lumpini Stadium, prices range from 800-2000 THB but if you want to enjoy the free show there are "Sunday afternoon Muay Thai in a TV studio": some bouts recorded for TV. Where? The stadium is in Soi Ruamsirimirt. When? Sundays at 13:45 and the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 (Thanks to Tripteria for the tip!)

- KNOW THE AREA FINANCIAL full of skyscrapers unfit for those suffering from vertigo,malls,bars and restaurants super fashion.

Vimanmek. (Si visitas el palacio real la entrada incluye la visita al palacio de Dusit). - Dusit Palace: it is quiet interesting and certainly the most beautiful is the Vimanmek teak house. (If you visit the royal palace admission includes a visit to Dusit Palace).

Source: www.mochileandoporelmundo.com

Two main factors to consider

2007-01-31 11:25:46 by Magnum

How old and what season. Thailand has three seasons: hot, very hot, and very very hot. If you have an infant (under 3) I would not go to Thailand between March-August. It just gets so damn hot. If you are on a beach resort the heat is less severe and punishing. If you have an infant, Thailand is best December 1 - January 31. During that time the heat will not kill you.
Bangkok has choking..., having lived there a long time I can tell you some safety hints:
Avoid taxis or tuktuks late at night. Many of them are on amphetamines and drive like crazy.
Be careful crossing the street. Sounds simple, just watch it.
Pedestrians do NOT own the road in Thailand, it is nothing like USA. Do not think cars will yield for pedestrians. That is just the way it is.
Chok Dee!

If you don't have time, there are the spots 2 go

2008-07-12 17:37:01 by lucky_dog

1) Bleecker Street.
Faccio's pork store, amy's bread, wild edibles, and murray's cheese all right next to each other on one corner of Bleecker St
also nearby are several gourmet gelato shops. the best is Grom, an italian chain who ships in their gelato base shipped from italy every week.. next is Cones
2) Chelsea Market. nice gourmet food shopping destination, used to be a nabi...c. etc. you can find here in chinatown.
5) Grand Central Market at 43rd St and lexington ave. various gourmet food vendors with lots of stuff that might interest you.
6) Zabar's where else can you find nearly 3 dozen brands of butter? or watch people mob the sandwich, and the bakery depts at the end of the day for heavily discounted items. they also have a kitchenware upstairs.

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