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Posted on June 5, 2014 – 12:09 am

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As we discussed in the post about flying cheap , the most common usually reach the area via Bangkok, because the flight is cheaper, and then move to other cities.

Whether because you've just flown in, or you are interested in this particular path, try to collect the different options out there for travel between Bangkok and Siem Reap, suitable for all budgets and travel patterns.

In principle, there is consensus that the three most recommended forms of travel are:

Let's do a little analysis of the pros and cons of each mode of transport, with a final summary table.

As everyone agrees, and it is clear to all that you investigate is that this is the choice for those where money is not a problem. There are two airlines with which you can cover the route, Bangkok Airways and Cambodia Angkor Air (links below).

The price of the ticket, one way, is (almost) always above 100 € (4000TBH). It may not seem like much, but when compared to the train or the bus ... is a robbery!

Recommended if you have little time, and your not hang out too much with the plain people of Thailand.

The train is definitely the cheapest means of transport, but is also the slowest: separating travels the 255km Bangkok Aranyaprathet (the border town with Cambodia, Thailand side) in about four hours. Yes, everyone agrees on one thing: the train is never on time. A few hours

The train leaves Bangkok at 05:55 and 13:05: everyone recommends catch the first train as it arrives at Aranyaprathet second too late, with the border and almost closed. 48BAHT The price is (less two euros!), and takes about four or five hours.

Once there, go by tuk-tuk (100-200baht) to Poipet border crossing. This part is very important to emphasize something: the area is full of scammers (touts) who will try colarosla one way or another. It is best to not Ignore: bring the [cref get-the-visa-to-go-in-Cambodia e-Visa] or purchased at the border, do not let them ride in the tuk-tuk with you, etc. .

Mapa de la frontera entre Tailandia y Camboya en Poipet Map of the border between Thailand and Cambodia at Poipet

Important to remember that the border is open between 7:30 and 20:00.

Once across the border, you have to locate the free shuttle bus that will take you to the Tourist Poipet International Passenger Terminal. Once there, you must choose which media to use to travel the 152km that separate us from Siem Reap:


I have been to all four within the past 2 years

2007-06-01 13:12:44 by -

The length of your vacation is a consideration.
Thailand is a long trip from Seattle so consider travel time and jet lag time. It is an awesome vacation but you want time to explore Bangkok, the islands and the north.
Belize is perfect for a short vacation, short plane ride, the islands are a short boat ride from the capital and where you want to spend most of your time (although there are some cool things to do in Belize City).
Hawaii - always relaxing and an easy trip.
Costa Rica - this was my least favorite because I was bored. One mistake was not renting a car and the weather wasn't the best. I was there for about 2 weeks and did both coasts. Each little town that we stayed in was too small for me and I'm not a surfer type.

Two main factors to consider

2007-01-31 11:25:46 by Magnum

How old and what season. Thailand has three seasons: hot, very hot, and very very hot. If you have an infant (under 3) I would not go to Thailand between March-August. It just gets so damn hot. If you are on a beach resort the heat is less severe and punishing. If you have an infant, Thailand is best December 1 - January 31. During that time the heat will not kill you.
Bangkok has choking..., having lived there a long time I can tell you some safety hints:
Avoid taxis or tuktuks late at night. Many of them are on amphetamines and drive like crazy.
Be careful crossing the street. Sounds simple, just watch it.
Pedestrians do NOT own the road in Thailand, it is nothing like USA. Do not think cars will yield for pedestrians. That is just the way it is.
Chok Dee!

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