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Grand Palace

  • By andrea
  • June 24, 2013
As it was so hot the other day (which in Hamburg really is very rare), I had to think again to Bangkok and thought, I can actually show you some pictures and tell you a few tips. And what are already four months delay ...

Bangkok so! Either you love the city, or you hate them. This has at least result in a non-representative survey of my friends and acquaintances.Grand Palace _2 I found Bangkok awesome! Sure, it's noisy, stuffy and hot, and the traffic is the only dangerous thing I encountered on my trip to Thailand. But Bangkok is also incredibly versatile and exciting.

I was relatively lot of walking (not always ideal, but it is otherwise preferred locomotion boat or taxi or Skytrain (unfortunately does not go anywhere and the temperatures are arctic) to also to miss nothing special highlights..:

♥ Grand Palace - The Royal Palace ♥
with about 500 baht entrance quite expensive by Thai standards, but impressive. If you have limited time, but I would recommend other things (see below). Here are a lot of tourists go, it should be set. And note: pay attention to proper clothing, long pants (leggings but do not for example) and the shoulders must be covered.Grand Palace _4 Check best with the boat, which travels up virtually on the door and you can drive off in Banglampoo (= backpacker district).

♥ Wat Pho - here is the big Buddha ♥
And that is really large (46m long and 15m high). If you absolutely have to see, especially because the temple around drum are also really pretty and jumping around here a lot less tourists than in the Grand Palace. One way to get even with the boat, the Wat Pho is close to the Grand Palace.Wat Pho

♥ Wat Benchamabophit - the great marble temple ♥
Great temples and beautiful temple complex. Since you can sometimes sit comfortably on a bench and eat pineapple and rest a bit. Is no entrance fee (or I have it failed to pay what) and you should make urgent.

♥ Wat Saket - Golden Mount ♥
From Wat Ben can reach the Golden Mount in about half an hour on foot. This really is a small mountain, just 80 meters were piled up there and is accessed via a staircase all the way up to the temple. It's worth it! On the way up it is planted nice and you will either ring bells and has a great view over the city and Wat Ratchanaddaram, which you should still watch yourself afterwards also. But then is also good with temples!

♥ Santichai Prakan Public Park - one of my favorite places in Bangkok ♥
A small oasis near the Khaosan Road and Rambuttri and ferry terminal. Here you can sit and watch the river, reading, dozing and evening watching the gymnastics group to make euro dance Mucke their exercises there. Well, it's really over for the time with the rest, but then so is almost time for supper (or dinner-rice). Here I recommend either the street food stand of Mr. Yim ♥ ♥ in Rambuttri (large vegetarian menu, very delicious and very cheap) or ♥ May Kaidee's vegetarian restaurant in Samsen Rd ♥ Not so cheap, but great offer, delicious and sensational smoothies!

Grand Palace _3 Wat Pho Wat Pho Wat Pho

Source: proof-of-the-pudding.de

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Thailand and siem reap, cambodia

2006-01-06 12:59:51 by theologoumenon

In thailand I would reccomend doing volunteer work with HI PHi Phi on the island of koh phi phi. It is tsunami releif work and it doesn't require any long term commitment, so you can stay as long or as short as you want.
I also reccomend taking a trek from chiang mai into the mountains to visit a hill tribe village. A lot of these trekking companies go to the same villages, or take large ...mething that seems to happen often. Also, splitting the cab is safer as there are unofficial check points along the way (places collecting bribes) and you dont want an empty seat for someone to climb in and demand money from you. Our cab driver had to make several "toll" stops along the way, but our cab was full, so no univited guests were tempted.
You will have a great time- best wishes.

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