Thailand is three times larger than Taiwan's marketing network business opportunity poised

Posted on May 22, 2014 – 09:04 pm
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Elephant, Erawan Shrine, coconut trees ......, which is generated when most people hear Thailand's first impression to the world famous sightseeing Bangkok, Taiwan is one of the most favorite tourist destination, and now there is more representative of Thailand's network innovation core.

Within a few years, Bangkok has gathered nearly 500 new companies, covering areas such as software, hardware, mobile, network ⋯ ⋯, where new companies accounted for 80% in Thailand, others are located in Chiang Mai and Phuket. 。 You may not know, popular in the world of travel booking site Agoda, Phuket is from Internet companies.

,或者一台小餐車就在街頭做起生意。 Walking the streets in Bangkok, you can see a small craft shops, handmade jewelry store, or a small dining car on the street to start business. , 「泰國人的創業性格一直很強,想自己當老闆 ,」曼谷創業工作室Hubba創辦人查朗芬(Amarit Charoenphan)說。 People in the past on the street selling works, after the popularity of the network, sold on the Internet, "Thai people have a strong entrepreneurial character, like being their own boss, " studio Hubba entrepreneurial founder of Bangkok Cha Langfen (Amarit Charoenphan) said .

As a result, many Thai people with entrepreneurial spirit, which started two years the target shift from traditional industry Internet business, Hubba co-founder, also check Langfen's brother, in the past is a chain restaurant owner; tour stops in Thailand, winning Echelon Stamp founder Robin Sri (Opie Lopansri), before the car wash plant operation and maintenance products business. But in the past two years, they have to target the network industries.

,Facebook用戶數已經來到1850萬,行動上網用戶更有2000萬。 The reason is that they have seen the amazing network potential business opportunities in Thailand, there are 70 million people, is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, Facebook users have come to 18.5 million, 20 million mobile internet users are more.

Thailand on iOS and Android App downloads alarming, is the only world's Top 15 Southeast Asian countries, in Asia after China, Japan and South Korea.

Early cultivating markets vacancy

"This year can be called Thai entrepreneurs of the year, " said Cha Langfen, Thailand three major carriers have turned on Internet business investment plans, incubation center, jointly established between a studio, network entrepreneurs Community meetings are about 100 games in the month of Bangkok. Like two or three years ago in Taiwan, Internet business being here acceleration off.

"The development of the Internet in Thailand and Taiwan a few years time difference, that is, Taiwan now has developed business opportunities, opportunities in Thailand are still open, " network game platform operator good players (SNSplus) COO Ino Hui pointed out .


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Don't really have an itinerary

2003-10-12 09:34:08 by CookBookAddict

Thanks for the reponses! I don't really have a set plan - friends who have done this trip say not to plan too much in advance since it's such an easy country to travel in.
Roughly, I'm flying into Bangkok and will probably spend a few days there. Then I'll head north to Chiang Mai for a week or so, do some cooking classes. Then probably down south to the islands and hang out on the beach....avoid Phuket and go to less touristy spots, I've heard Krabi is great. Then back to BKK before I go. I'm a 23 year old female traveling alone and it is my first time in Thailand so I'm not going to go TOO far off the beaten track.
If anyone had a really incredible experience I'd love to hear about it since I am definitely open to planning my trip on the basis of amazing food experiences :)

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