Writing my first trip to Southeast Asia

Posted on May 25, 2014 – 09:48 pm

I've been in Southeast Asia in February / March 2011 and want to go back! Therefore, I put in the post title "first trip".
I stayed several days in Bangkok, because I have friends living there and the goal was to spend enough time with them. I really liked the city, but I believe five full days are sufficient to meet the main attractions.
Finally, my script:
Day 01 - Rio - São Paulo and São Paulo - Johannesburg (South Africa)
Day 02 - Arrival in Johannesburg - slept in the city
Day 03 - Johannesburg - Bangkok
Day 04 - Arrival in Bangkok
Day 05 - Bangkok
Day 06 - Bangkok
Day 07 - Bangkok
Day 08 - Bangkok - Siem Reap (Cambodia)
Day 09 - Angkor Wat
Day 10 - Angkor Wat
Day 11 - Angkor Wat
Day 12 - Siem Reap - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Day 13 - Kuala Lumpur
Day 14 - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore
Day 15 - Singapore
Day 16 - Singapore
Day 17 - Singapore - Chiang Mai (Thailand)
Day 18 - Chiang Mai
Day 19 - Chiang Mai
Day 20 - Chiang Mai - Bangkok
Days 21-30 - Bangkok
Day 31 - Bangkok - Johannesburg,
Johannesburg - Sao Paulo
São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro
What I would change:
- Like I said here , I agree with all who say that Singapore is the best gateway to Southeast Asia. If you do not have friends in Bangkok, start my journey there.
- I would add one more day in Kuala Lumpur.
- I would love to have included Luang Prabang (Laos). Have lacked po $ $.
- I would sleep a night in Johannesburg in back too.
What I would not change:
- The choice of traveling through South Africa was right.
- The three full days in Siem Reap to meet the complex of Angkor Wat.
- The exclusion of beaches. They should go on the next trip.
- Rest in Bangkok before you start traveling alone.
Photo by Lu Malheiros

Source: www.dividindoabagagem.com

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Don't really have an itinerary

2003-10-12 09:34:08 by CookBookAddict

Thanks for the reponses! I don't really have a set plan - friends who have done this trip say not to plan too much in advance since it's such an easy country to travel in.
Roughly, I'm flying into Bangkok and will probably spend a few days there. Then I'll head north to Chiang Mai for a week or so, do some cooking classes. Then probably down south to the islands and hang out on the beach....avoid Phuket and go to less touristy spots, I've heard Krabi is great. Then back to BKK before I go. I'm a 23 year old female traveling alone and it is my first time in Thailand so I'm not going to go TOO far off the beaten track.
If anyone had a really incredible experience I'd love to hear about it since I am definitely open to planning my trip on the basis of amazing food experiences :)

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