My trip to Thailand (I). Chiang Mai and Krabi

Posted on March 8, 2014 – 11:24 am

Several months ago I came to this paradise, and so far had not reviewed the photos, perhaps because they were nearly two thousand, maybe because it was cold here until recently and gave me heartache select ... in any case I think it's the right time to tell you how was my trip to Thailand, a country that I love and came to touch my heart so much that we are already planning the return, as has been the decision that has encouraged me to publish finally post without feeling that pain ensuing me to think.

First stop: Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand)

After many hours of travel by air (nonstop goodness), landed at Bangkok airport and caught a flight straight to our first destination north of the country, Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is a city interesting, maybe not as modern as Bangkok but has a special charm. Temples, night markets, street stalls and above all the ability to visit tiger reserves and get into the jungle on the back of huge elephants.

The accommodation, food etc ... is cheaper in Chiang Mai than in Bangkok and the islands of the south of the country, perhaps because it is a majority or less popular destination, although prices throughout Thailand has very interesting and sometimes laughable. We stayed in a traditional Thai house with pool and rooms with taste and change were about 16 €, not the luxury of a hotelazo 5 stars but I found it charming and very beautiful.

Best of the visit to Chiang Mai, where we stayed four days if my memory serves, in addition to the night markets walks, cuisine and mingle with the people, were the visit to Tiger Kingdom where we could get into a big cage where they are raising the tigers, I'm quite reckless with animals (less bugs) and might well have torn my arm but caregivers were told no we played them heads and front legs in case they were young Tigers about 14 months and were quite playful and good you never know with animals. The experience was fantastic, a real privilege to cherish and even lay her head on the back of a tiger.

The next day we head into the jungle to spend the day in the company of elephants, with their caregivers were taught commands us by responding to ride elephants on them, for them to stop, revolved or stop. We did a little training and then we fed them some delicious bananas that we had bought from the market until a big one Mr Naru walked behind the tube and took by force the whole bag while I started from the laughter.

After lunch we went for a walk through the jungle on the backs of elephants, wonderful for walking and an enriching experience in connection with nature that became more intense when we got to the river and swim with elephants, playing while they cepillábamos and floated them we poured water with his trunk, a precious moment that I remember with great emotion.


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So I travel during the summer

2011-01-02 18:06:27 by Pandonia

For half my vacation and I started in SE Asia to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and left from Bangkok Thailand (but didn't spend much time in Thailand). Second trip was in central america to Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and left through El Salvidor (again not a lot of time there). Third trip was in the ME, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, most of the time in Egypt.
If you're curious about any of that, lemme know!

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