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Posted on August 3, 2013 – 10:44
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Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand - Oct / ​​Nov 2013

by FilipaePedro »02 Aug 2013 10:39

Good afternoon,
After a lot of studies about the fate of our trip, talk to friends who already know the destinations and see that many of the search engine search results came to the backpackers, we decided to create a user and a topic to, if possible, give us your opinion about our trip.
We're getting married in October and chose Southeast Asia for our honeymoon.
We solutions to some travel agencies but simultaneously we were doing our script. The price difference is huge! Although we thought we had forgotten a few things but I think one of the factors (among others) is that we are opting for low cost to fly in Asia and the agencies do not.
Thus, we have reached a script but we still have many questions! We thank you that we can give your opinion as sincere as possible.
Our idea is to stay in hotels not too expensive over the cities and on the beach, in a nice hotel on the beach.
Our flights are mainly for AirAsia and by Cambodia Angkor Air 10/21 - 22/10 - Lisbon, Bangkok 19:15
We are considering going with Emirates, the price difference is not much and say conditions are good. What is your opinion? Really pay off?
23/10 - Day in Bangkok
24/10 - Bangkok - Siem Reap (10:20 to 11:30)
24 afternoon - Siem Reap
25 - Siem Reap
26 - Siem Reap
27 Breakfast Siem Reap
In Siem Reap to visit Angkor thought (including by e sunrise, go to the natural park with waterfalls, eventually making the river excursion visiting the floating villages)
27/10 - Siem Reap -> Danang (17:15 to 19:30)

In Danang, we do not know whether it is worth staying in Danang or meet, dine and sleep in Hoi An
Our idea is to go to the Marble Mountains (as one has to go by car, could be Danang) and then follow drive to Hue through Hai Van (say the journey by car is turning more to train and so we are not so conditioned by train timetables)

For those who will finish in the islands of Thailand, these beaches of Hoi An will be so fascinating? Valley book another day for them?

28/10 - no set time, but still day, then to Hue to see the scenery.

Question: is it easy to get a guide there to take us to the Marble Mountains and Hue? Have a sense of how much can it cost?

29, 30 and 31 until mid-afternoon - We thought about staying in Hue until day 31 but did not know if they are more days ...
People have a DMZ? Worth it? We have no idea which is just a whole day, is it?
We also thought the boat ride on the Perfume River is so much talk ...

31/10 - 1/11 - Hue -> Hanoi on the night train.
From what we saw, the Hue airport is closed, so we had to go back to Danang to catch the flight to Hue. We thought then take the night train arriving at 5 am to Hanoi.
In Hanoi, our main objective is to make the cruise 1 night in Halong Bay
We see the sites that most games are at 8, Hanoi. Will may buy risky journey to go on the day 1 to Halong Bay?
Or better stick Hanoi, analyze the different hypotheses, and go on day 2?

4/11 - Hanoi - Bangkok (9:10 to 11:05)
Then we had appointed to return to Bangkok Day 4/11


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So I travel during the summer

2011-01-02 18:06:27 by Pandonia

For half my vacation and I started in SE Asia to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and left from Bangkok Thailand (but didn't spend much time in Thailand). Second trip was in central america to Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and left through El Salvidor (again not a lot of time there). Third trip was in the ME, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, most of the time in Egypt.
If you're curious about any of that, lemme know!

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