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泰國曼谷為2013年亞洲最佳旅遊景點第1名 Bangkok,Thailand,Asia's best tourist cities in 2013 the first one!

Bangkok,Thailand really is a great tourist city,you can easily buy buy buy,enjoy the city convenient transportation,stroll around and enjoy the stylish space with major department stores,as well as Bangkok night market,bazaar special appearance.Look to see,you can not look at erotic performances,but you can not miss the historic architecture and religious art in Thailand.Press Press Press to see more tired to be a Thai massage,foot massage!Let us read on ~

中央社2013.05.23 Asia's best tourist cities in Thailand first,Taipei 13 CNA 2013.05.23

Summer where to go,travel review site "TripAdvisor" published in 2013 Asia top 25 best tourist attractions in Bangkok,Thailand topped the first one,followed by Tokyo and Beijing.Taipei,Taiwan,only ENTRY,up from last year,the first 19 to 13.水門市場百貨 The Platinum Fashion Mall(白金購物中心)泰國曼谷 According to TripAdvisor,the first 10 in Thailand,Japan each have two cities into the list,namely Bangkok (1),Chiang Mai (6) and Tokyo (2),Kyoto (Section 9).There are three cities in mainland China was elected,including Beijing (3),Shanghai (No. 4) and Hong Kong (7).As announced 2013 TripAdvisor world's best tourist attractions,Huadu won the championship in Paris,New York and London Separated 2, 3 name,followed by Rome,Barcelona,​​Spain,Venice,San Francisco,Florence,Italy,the Czech Republic and Prague,Sydney .The following is the top 25 in Asia Best Tourist Attractions Ranking:

1 Bangkok

2 Tokyo

3 Beijing

4 Shanghai

5 Siem Reap,Cambodia

6 Chiang Mai,Thailand

7 Hong Kong

8 Singapore

9 Kyoto,Japan

10. Maldives Fu Malai

11 Ubud

12 Seoul,South Korea

13 Taipei

14 in Hanoi,Vietnam

15 Ho Chi Minh City

16 New Delhi,India

17 Hoi An,Vietnam

18 Kathmandu,Nepal

19. Laos Luang Bala Bang

20 India Jaipur

21 Xi'an

22 Goa,India

23 Phnom Penh,Cambodia

24. Mumbai,India

25 Vietnam Halong Bay

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2013-06-02網路新聞 Bangkok into the world's first tourist city deserved 2013-06-02 Network News

Credit card company MasterCard has announced this year's global tourist destination city index,is expected this year in Bangkok,Thailand tourists reached 15.98 million,at a slight advantage for the first time beyond London to become the largest tourist city.People living in Bangkok,when you know they live in a city listed first in the world of tourism,will naturally feel happy,there is a truly proud and pride.Bangkok Why would become the world's first tourist city,of course,has its strengths,and must be the superior long-term accumulation.Such outstanding results have today.

People who live in Bangkok may not know that tourists like to Bangkok,one of the reasons is that things are cheap in Bangkok,whether it is food,use,or some of the world famous brand,the price cheaper than other cities.This is long-term residence in Bangkok,less than somewhere else people do not know.

大皇宮(Grand Palace)和玉佛寺(Wat Phra Kaeo)泰國曼谷15


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Media: Time mag:"Where the 'Ladyboys' Are"

2008-07-07 06:16:11 by austingeekgirl

Postcard from Bangkok
Where the 'Ladyboys' Are
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