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Posted on November 12, 2006 – 00:00
Flying from Bangkok, Thailand to Chennai, India via Jet Airways

(Texts Daily maple writings from international keyboards by default do not include accents or ce cedilhado. These texts do not suffer from any edition, are written in haste Indian cyber cafes where not everything works, hopefully later redita them on the blog already fixed by now serve as mere notes memoria) Madras, Sunday, November 12, 2006

The trip went without precalcos higher, were not in the hectic rush charles gaule when to catch the bus to the terminal D notice that the plane was already in chennai for boarding. Air france transfer state that:
"20 minutes vous avez du temp ..."
"Il faut passer over security control?"
"Hi more pas de problem ..."
When I get to a terminal F (where intercontinental flights departing) would be about 100 people to fill a serpent rodopianrte aftershaves and deodorants in plastic bags, then show your passport and be bruised by companies securitas ... and a framework menacing Chennai is Boarding!
After 15 minutes not resist and with greater impudence step through passengers to latin america, middle east and africa in a polite ... "My flight is boarding ..."
I am immediately followed by a European and an American couple ... Deftly step quickly security and control with the boots on hand to run the boarding ... Then I notice that the plane waited over 30 minutes for about 60 passengers in transfer. Thankfully, I think this may be qa my suitcase arrives on time.
Beside me one tamil hindu living in miami. had gotten the short time the blue passport USA, had a daughter and a woman and should have complained that investing in the real state of Florida in 1999, today could live a dream in his hometown Coimbatore. Told me qo reason for the trip was a emrgencia, q I did not dare ask what.
Confirmed my aspirations of the Tamils ​​q q softs are more Indians north.
A trio of Italian mature traveled in the ranks of the middle, would spend 18 days between Tamil and Gujarat. Behind an old man frances most annoying Unqualified always massage the bank.
Already at the airport in Chennai an American old lady asked if would go to pondicherry, had a taxi waiting for her, went to work five months per year in an ashram, said vaguely remember a trip to Lisbon in 1957, and as the city was clean and organized and cafes with incomparable charm.
A Spaniard to see my fellow audience asks if I am, it was Madrid and luggage this time came!
Chennai airport and undoubtedly very quiet compared to mumbai or delhi ... after wandering waters and buy some biscuits, pouico am very bothered by touts ... k until after a look at the guide I choose to call the broadlands in chennai and negotiate a taxi ride to the guest house through Indian streets without traffic. Nao. rained.
The phaco 3 am check in a colonial house full of charm, and after a few minutes sleep for a well deserved rest after one week laborious.
I slept about 10 hours, according to the sound of the call of the mosque in front of the balcony, and go back to sleep)
I decide to stay in chennai this day to relax and acclimatise myself. Really esxiste one phenomenon of transferenci whenever I visit this country ... seems to be a continuation of last year's trip when I left Mumbai under the fireworks diwali to fly to chennai.
Chennai and an Indian city. The fourth city in the country (8 million people) has different signs: have fire trucks (as we know), traffic lights at major intersections to operate, police women with mobile phones, more dogs and cats k noutreas Indian metropolises (vegetarians are more here?) but not cease to india in every way.
We are overwhelmed by a sense of guilt when we see human rags wandering, sleeping, living on the streets to recycle with very serious faces among the garbage bins.
The Tamils, like the southern Indians are people seemingly sympathetic, more educated q the Indians of the north.
Suresh: I became his first Brazilian friend a rickshaw driver, who sympathetically conversation started ... course ended saying k today was last day to pay the rickshaw eq left his wife at home in tears did not know if had work tomorrow. k I told him it was impossible to help q then had to help everyone and blabla .. Sorry to tell you my story just promise me you think ... Look contract your services if you need a ... oooops he just joined the cyber cafe cabin and tell her off ek k rains got one more day to pay and dismisses kissing my hand??!) Anyway. ..
I'll be back tomorrow to broadlands perhaps until pondicherry bus!


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A perfect time to go.

2006-12-26 18:04:52 by mjksausalito

You’re going at the best time. I was in seasia for three months earlier this year (Jan-Mar).
A few suggestios:
• Definitely fly in out of Bangkok. It’s the cheapest place to get to and is the hub for the entire region.
• Buying place and bus tickets is very easy anywhere in asia. You will see travel agencies all over the place that cater to the backpack/budget traveler. Another... into Myanmar. I was there for 3 weeks and found the people to be the sweetest I have ever met. It was a definite highlight. However, I must say that it is not a thrill-seeker’s paradise.
Sorry if this was a bit disjointed.
My final suggestion is the most important: PACK LIGHT. Every place you stay can do your laundry for cheap and you will want to buy clothes everywhere.

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