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Posted on January 17, 2013 – 00:00

An epilogue as a preface

Today we would like to thank you for the nice messages and questions that we have received in recent weeks. Gregor yes, the question of the triggering "misunderstanding" raised us as we will answer them here:

It all began on a dark, rainy, wet gray evening in February / March 2012, when we were sitting in our favorite local Mödlinger. Our conversation turned "back and forth" on the topics of life goals and our current situation in general and particular, and to some the idea was born of a longer timeout.

Bernhard said that yes you could use the time to travel and Conny asked again how long you should plan for it - half a year should do the trick.

At this point we also finished our ideas and made our way to the dance school.

I (Bernhard) put this plan into the category of "good plan in principle, we pursue times from a distance" and thus put it out of my mind again. But not Connie.

A few days later I suffered a call from Connie: "In my office everything is settled, we can go!" A quick look at my holiday planning was not appropriate to the agenda this statement could fit. A spa weekend and a week skiing we had behind us, my Arlberg week was already established and for planning a summer vacation, the time seemed a little too early.

So I made this, all men make when you have no idea what your friend says what: sheepishly ask. The answer stunned me then but a little, as I had said yes rather categorized the plan for a world tour as a "pipe dream".

There were a few days where we concretized the idea again and finally the concerns have been getting smaller and the positive aspects of such a trip always sounded enticing. The rest is well known

After we left Sydney to Adelaide, put the announced a merciless heat wave and the thermometer in our car hire documented 45 ° C. Under these conditions, we have limited the viewing of Adelaide to a minimum and are broken outright direction Kangaroo Iceland. A trip but then we made our way we have been resumed in one of the lesser-known wine regions, the McLaren Vale to a wine tasting. And once again showed how but customs and cultures differ. A larger average home would not start tasting at a winery before 6 o'clock evening, do here in Australia the wine farmers as early as 5 am to close up shop. Tasted us (or just Bernhard) yet.


A perfect time to go.

2006-12-26 18:04:52 by mjksausalito

You’re going at the best time. I was in seasia for three months earlier this year (Jan-Mar).
A few suggestios:
• Definitely fly in out of Bangkok. It’s the cheapest place to get to and is the hub for the entire region.
• Buying place and bus tickets is very easy anywhere in asia. You will see travel agencies all over the place that cater to the backpack/budget traveler. Another... into Myanmar. I was there for 3 weeks and found the people to be the sweetest I have ever met. It was a definite highlight. However, I must say that it is not a thrill-seeker’s paradise.
Sorry if this was a bit disjointed.
My final suggestion is the most important: PACK LIGHT. Every place you stay can do your laundry for cheap and you will want to buy clothes everywhere.

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