Distance from Bangkok, Thailand to Hong Kong, Hong Kong with Flight Duration Time

Posted on August 7, 2013 – 10:45
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Distance from Bangkok, Thailand to Hong Kong, Hong Kong is: 1085.8 Miles

(1747.4 Kilometers / 942.9 Nautical Miles)

Approximate flight duration time from Bangkok to Hong Kong is:
2 hrs, 26 mins

Map distance from Bangkok, Thailand to Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Bangkok coordinates:
latitude: 13 ° 50 'North
longitude: 100 ° 29 'East

Hong Kong coordinates:
latitude: 22 ° 17 'North
longitude: 114 ° 08 'East

Distance calculator search eg distance from Bangkok to Hong Kong

Source: www.happyzebra.com

A perfect time to go.

2006-12-26 18:04:52 by mjksausalito

You’re going at the best time. I was in seasia for three months earlier this year (Jan-Mar).
A few suggestios:
• Definitely fly in out of Bangkok. It’s the cheapest place to get to and is the hub for the entire region.
• Buying place and bus tickets is very easy anywhere in asia. You will see travel agencies all over the place that cater to the backpack/budget traveler. Another... into Myanmar. I was there for 3 weeks and found the people to be the sweetest I have ever met. It was a definite highlight. However, I must say that it is not a thrill-seeker’s paradise.
Sorry if this was a bit disjointed.
My final suggestion is the most important: PACK LIGHT. Every place you stay can do your laundry for cheap and you will want to buy clothes everywhere.

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