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Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, it borders the states of Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia and Malaysia, and has access to the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, so the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. The capital Bangkok is situated near the coast on the Gulf of Thailand, about in the middle of the country in both north-south extension and expansion in the west to the east. Thailand extends from the foothills of the Himalayas to the South China Sea, covers an enormous area in Southeast Asia and is therefore not homogeneous climate.

In northern Thailand three seasons can be clearly distinguished from each other. In the months of November to February is relatively cool there, from March to May, the temperature rises above 35 ° C, so it is very hot, and in the other months the climate can at least be described as uncomfortably warm. In southern Thailand, the temperature is about the same all year round, there are few fluctuations. The monsoon has different effects: In northern Thailand, the northeast monsoon brings continental air and dryness, he brings in the south, due to an accumulation of moisture over the Gulf of Thailand, rain. The southwest monsoon brings rain always against it.

Bangkok is located on the Chao Phraya River between the Indochina and the Malay Peninsula. The climate in Bangkok is tropical, as is also true for the rest of Thailand. At 28 ° C, the annual average temperature is quite high, so it can already be described as uncomfortable - but there are also months with significantly lower temperatures. The hottest month is April with an average of 34 ° C and, thanks to the onset of the rainy season stay in the city is really unpleasant. Cooling is December, with only 20 ° - 30 ° C, and quite a few rainy days it's probably the most pleasant month. From May to October it rains very often in Bangkok, the humidity is high, and since these are also the warmer months, the climate of the city traveler is perceived as rather unpleasant. The time from December to March is less stressful, it is the dry season in Bangkok. To climate pressures are environmental problems in Bangkok - the city suffers from heavily polluted air. Due to the location and the growing skyscrapers, the exhaust of countless cars, motorcycles and tuk-tuks are not carried away by the wind, it depends a permanent plume of Bangkok. In addition to climate-related circulatory problems residents and visitors suffer more respiratory problems - asthma and bronchitis are common in the population. People who work on the roads (traffic police, drivers and messengers) often wear respirators. Another problem is the water supply in Bangkok: There are no functioning, constructed sewage system, and the fresh water supply is not centrally controlled.

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Best time to travel to Bangkok
The best time to visit Bangkok is located in the rather dry months with moderate temperatures, ie from December to March. Monthly with only 1 - 2 days of rain and temperatures between 20 ° and 30 ° C of stay in the city is pleasant, and even trips to the few remaining khlongs (channels) of the city of fun. The more than 400 Wats, Buddhist temples, Bangkok is worth a visit. They are located partly in the historic district, and require longer walks. The National Theatre is equipped with splendid reliefs and the numerous museums are very interesting. Bangkok has several parks that have artificially created water bodies and are very well maintained. Also a zoo can be visited in the city. The buildings usually have air conditioning, so that a visit can be quite cool during the tropical climate can be felt on the streets. So it is quite recommended to always dabeizuhaben a shirt or cardigan in the warmer months - so some cold comes about when one enters the air-conditioned building cool in humid sweaty clothes from the street. If you want to experience national celebrations in Bangkok, the travel time, however, must be laid: the famous Loi Krathong festival is held in the fall and shines through a very interesting raft competition on two channels that run through Bangkok.


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A perfect time to go.

2006-12-26 18:04:52 by mjksausalito

You’re going at the best time. I was in seasia for three months earlier this year (Jan-Mar).
A few suggestios:
• Definitely fly in out of Bangkok. It’s the cheapest place to get to and is the hub for the entire region.
• Buying place and bus tickets is very easy anywhere in asia. You will see travel agencies all over the place that cater to the backpack/budget traveler. Another... into Myanmar. I was there for 3 weeks and found the people to be the sweetest I have ever met. It was a definite highlight. However, I must say that it is not a thrill-seeker’s paradise.
Sorry if this was a bit disjointed.
My final suggestion is the most important: PACK LIGHT. Every place you stay can do your laundry for cheap and you will want to buy clothes everywhere.

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