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Posted on March 24, 2014 – 01:31 pm
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[CNA] all kinds of advertising hype describe how attractive tourist spots, but in the end was disappointing, we all know at this experience. U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) GO's website so uncovered 12 Langdexuming attractions.

One, but who's River Falls in Jamaica (Dunn's River Falls) This is located in lush forest beautiful waterfall, has become the source of the pain of millions of tourists. Tourists have to hand in hand with a stranger in a crowded hillside tough forward, with the worker ants down a drudgery is no different.

Second, Hong Kong Avenue (Avenue of Stars) 2004 the Post Secondary mainland tourists to Hong Kong Avenue of Stars to build a total of mainland tourists to see flocks follow the flag waving guides to landmarks Bruce Lee statue. However, the lack of comfortable seating area and souvenir stalls everywhere, greatly reducing visitor satisfaction.

Third, the New York Times Square (Times Square) Times Square has a large TV screen, a bunch of outdoor advertising and chain stores. New Yorker and air taxi are strongly avoided here, because once inside, you can not quickly get out.

Fourth, Shanghai Nanjing Road (Nanjing Dong Lu) Shanghai Nanjing Road self-proclaimed "Chinese Best Shopping Street", but in fact further from the truth. Nanjing Road has 150 years of history, the majority of visitors to this tourist guide also recommends enjoy historical style. However, in addition to several old shops outside, where the ancient flavor has disappeared.

Five, London, UK "War of the British Museum" (Winston Churchill's Britain at War Experience) although there are some good museum artifacts, but most of the exhibits for the mannequin painted fake blood, simulated lightning attack by German British casualties situation.

Six, Bangkok, Thailand Dan Saduak Floating Market (Damnoen SaduakFloating Market) though Bangkok and surrounding areas have at least a dozen floating market, but visitors just want to patronize Dan Saduak Floating Market. But now in the global tourism industry is vigorously promoting the next, Dan Saduak become mundane.

Seven, downtown Tokyo, Japan (All of central Tokyo) Congestion Tokyo downtown area filled with reinforced concrete construction and numerous billboards, including Tokyo Tower is tall ugly buildings.

Eight, Italy Leaning Tower of Pisa (Leaning Tower of Pisa) Pisa fascinating history perhaps, but as a tourist attraction, where in addition to really tilt, the really lackluster.

Nine, Mumbai Bollywood Home Navigation (Bandra's Bollywood homes) Bollywood House Map shows several of the world's most famous movie star apartment, but it seems very ordinary, but the crisis of collapse.

Ten, Sydney Fish Market (Sydney Fish Market) Sydney Fish Market as deadly for fish and people, where water is factory pollution, and stink to high heaven.

Eleven, Bangkok, Thailand, Pakistan Peng (Patpong) Ba Ban red-light district in Bangkok, aliens and many tourists love this to find out, but seems to be slaughtered sheep.

Source: blog.xuite.net

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Look at this, our guys are going already...where's the clean water going to come from if not our battleships...90,000 gallons per day...you don't re-hab a country overnight...this has been what two weeks?
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Rebels from the Free Aceh Movement (Gam) have not responded to the offer.

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