Strong emotions in Bangkok

Posted on February 15, 2014 – 07:27 am

Clouds seen from my windowI am sitting in my bed watching my screen and wondering if I should write this.At the same time,we can not always talk about the good things that trip,huh?So,here I give you my emotions alive in July 30.By need to share,I think,need to feel a little less alone.I turned a little to you,it comforts me.

It's been months that I know I'll spend my birthday alone in Bangkok and I planned the coup by finding a nice sushi restaurant where I feast for the occasion,but you can never really be prepared for emotional surprises,it seems.

This morning I got up early to go to Singapore airport.My flight was at noon to Bangkok and all went well.Until then,my world was still asleep and I do not feel too that it was a special day.Yesterday I had a conversation with a blogger who was also in Bangkok and he volunteered to join me in my own feast.Great,the company for my birthday,much less flat,so I made up his mind that there would be someone.It seemed suddenly less drab.

And then I set foot in the area of ​​taxis Suvarnabuhmi Bangkok airport.Bang!Throat that develops the eyes mist up,emotions that surprised me violently.This is where I left my boyfriend two weeks ago.This is where I boarded the taxi in tears and I never looked back,not having the strength ... I do not know why I was so taken aback,but all my emotions are lifts,as if I was reliving the moment,but this time it's for my birthday I cried.Looks like I found myself even more alone suddenly.

I swallowed and I arrived at the inn where a piece full of good wishes for the party waiting for me,small secretive! It gave me the moral plumb and I prepared to leave for Sukhumvit 31 where the sushi restaurant.I waited and waited and waited.The blogger never came.Sitting there all alone at a table set for two waitresses regularly asking if I wanted to wait or order,I realized that I've never had one birthday away from my family to celebrate someone or without me.It spanked hard.All alone at the end of the world.Yeah,the great hero who thought it did not change anything to have 29,a day like any other.Easy to say when there is always someone you love to make you some surprises during the day.Very different when you're really alone to celebrate you ... It is wrong to ask a surprise cake for yourself,like ...

I know,I know,nothing dramatic,but this is the first time in six months that I have a shot like that cockroach.The first time I returned to the hostel throat ball and wild throw me under the covers and never emerge before tomorrow envy.I decided to write to you,because it is true that there are moments like this on the road.They think they make us grow,and worse,surely tomorrow it will be better,right?

That you've ever?


About Jennifer Backpackeuse in soul eater images,she has traveled more than 20 countries in this way.When traveling,she loves and hates Ziploc bags umbrellas.Items that can not be separated?Of his journey and his camera.Its economic dada: markets and grocery stores.His ultimate dream?A world tour which begins on January 29,2013!


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I have more, I read alot

2005-01-15 17:56:26 by 2ndselfusa

Look at this, our guys are going already...where's the clean water going to come from if not our battleships...90,000 gallons per don't re-hab a country overnight...this has been what two weeks?
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On Friday, Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla said his government wanted a lasting truce with rebels in Aceh. Both sides had already undertaken to observe a ceasefire following the Asian tsunami, but Mr Kalla said he wanted it made permanent.
Rebels from the Free Aceh Movement (Gam) have not responded to the offer.

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