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Posted on January 22, 2014 – 02:56 am
Exploring the Malay Peninsula, From Singapore to Bangkok | Blue

Sat 29/03/2012 - Sat 31/03/2012

Once at the station still be traveled from Singapore and was officially arrived in Malaysia went over on time at 8.45 clock off towards Butterworth (for Penang) in Malaysia. After only an hour but it was transferring to a bus because it is built on the track. After a further 90 minutes then went back on the train back and then wandered along the beautiful leisurely through the pretty green, but also pretty boring malysische landscape. One does not see much, from time to time is a palm plantation past and as it is it for now. For this the train for my feeling has disproportionately long at most stations, like times 30 minutes ... So we are already 2.5 hours too late as we move into Kuala Lumpur ... and the delay is more and more the closer we get our destination stop. In the end we are to 1 clock at night in Butterworth instead of 21.20 clock ... As a result, the cheap ferry (on an island) to Penang no longer runs and I have to take an expensive taxi scary. Well, at least for Malaysian conditions, I pay about 20 € but also go for almost 30 minutes through the night. My driver asks me wonder from what I'm doing and oh, he actually wanted to physician / scientists will and he loves volleyball ... whether it's true or not, I do not know. His offer me somewhere to go at night at 1.45 clock to eat but then I politely declined and I am falling like a stone in my bed.

The next day, I only briefly the surrounding area of ​​my hostel scoured and the addresses of my closest hostels printed in Bangkok in Thai (which is important, as I found later) and then me again walk towards the train station and the next train . rise This time it worked out by Ferry ...

The "International Express" from Butterworth to Bangkok was, interestingly, only two cars were ... this almost full. Since it is an overnight train one has quite a lot of space, namely two normal places for a person . My neighbor was Paul from Holland, on the road for 5 weeks in total, and only in its second week. It was ever driven by overnight train and was quite impressed.

Against 18h we then have crossed the border to Thailand, as everything had to get out, through passport control and back in the train, all the luggage could just stay on the train, very practical for good luck! It was then also again change the time, because Thailand has one hour less time difference to Germany as Malaysia, namely only 5h at the moment.

From around 19h could order something to eat, something in our comic, slightly frantic waiter who ran continuously throughout the train and all asked if they want something and when paying a constantly "later" comforted .... Well, anyway, I treated myself to two beers and a dinner. In retrospect, I know that it was quite expensive by Thai standards (about twice as expensive as normal), but it was actually still cheap ...

Then our clock was about 22 "seating area" is converted to the berths. They were surprisingly comfortable, I at least, because I slept untern, and there you have a lot more space than the above. So much so that I could accommodate even backpacks with both in my bunk. Even gave it power, really handy (and European plugs fit into the sockets here ). Only cold was it to be freezing cold exactly. To have an air conditioning system is quite nice, at about 30 ° C outside, but you must also not at 16 ° C (or so) down set .... anyway, I've frozen, and unfortunately did not come up with the idea in my sleeping bag to sleep-I do not know why.


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