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Posted on June 1, 2014 – 11:41 pm
Matthew Bennett, right, during floods in Bangkok - ABC News

le 28 mai 2013 à 04:50 dans Itinéraires Malaisie Posted by kuruma May 28, 2013 at 4:50 in Best Malaysia Hello everyone.

Who has spent a year in Australia, I'm plannifer my return to France with a friend. We reserve our flights with a stopover of one month between Singapore and Bangkok.
Who have never set foot in Asia, I need your advice and guidance on our journey and our itineaire.
We thought so in from Singapore to cross malaysia, thailand visit a little and leave Bangkok.
What are you celon the most interesting places to see knowing that we have enough time limit.

Thank you in advance.


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Chiang Mai/Samui/Phuket/Pattaya, Moving to & fro

2003-10-12 20:00:13 by cl

Taking my second trip to Thailand for 3 weeks during November. Was in BKK and Phuket last time.
This time, arriving in BKK for a couple of days, then I want to go to Chiang Mai, hike in the mountains and take cooking classes, go to Samui, Phuket again, and Pattaya.
I've realized that there are ways to get to these places directly without necessary going through BKK airport each time....y, but at the same time, I want to leave when I'm ready to leave.
I figure I can just keep the number to Thai Air handy (as I did last time I traveled Thailand), go to any local travel agent there, simply book online while there, or, just go straight to the airport.
Does anyone have experience with this? November is the start of the high season, but not sure how busy it'll really be.

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