Sawadee: giving a rollin through Bangkok

Posted on April 21, 2014 – 06:28 pm

Wat Phra Kaew

Sawadee: giving a turtleneck for Bangkok

Bangkok, April 7, 2011.

Wat Phra Kaew

Did you know to which direction is Rajaprarop the street, I asked for a group of three motorcyclists who were at the door of the subway exit. They looked at each other and arguing with them what I obviously did not understand. They did not speak English but clearly realized debating between them to point me what is the correct direction I should take.Wat Phra Kaew Appeared to be no consensus. Despite having shown them a map I picked up at the airport, apparently did not know that region. Logically my hotel should be the right leaving the station, but after a walk of about three minutes I saw a travel agency has closed nearly 22 hours.the-tiger-temple-kanchanaburi Great, travel agent, I thought, so here speak English. But did not speak! So I turned to a map before I requested the hotel to send me the instructions on how to get there, but it was written in the alphabet of them (an important precaution before traveling I had given a little difficulty I once had in Greece to get where wanted).Tiger Temple The map worked and it was enough to understand two things: the direction he was pointing was down the street from my hotel but in the opposite direction that I walked. And two, when he told me "ten minutes" was enough for her to get an idea of ​​how much should walk as the avenue was great. And walking through that avenue, a little dark but very busy with restaurants Spartans and food being prepared outside and smelling of curry and ginger, was wondering if it would be safe walking around which was easily recognized as a stranger. But observing the behavior of local eating or talking through there I realized that people looked at me with indifference. Or simply do not look at me! Soon their eyes gave me signs that yes could walk down that street quieter summarizing and life in Bangkok.

It was a long journey from Auckland to arrive in Bangkok. Although it was a direct flight, it was a total of 11 hours of travel, roughly the same time that I took from Los Angeles to Auckland. In this kind of journey I better getting used to because other is yet to come - after all I am strolling in this immense planet!
0 Bangkok airport is huge! Bangkok ends up being the gateway for travelers from around the world who plan to explore Southeast Asia. Besides have a subway that connects the airport to the city making practical life traveler, including practicality unfortunately unknown to us Brazilians that within three years we will be hosting a world cup soccer.

Wat Arun Temple of Emerald Budda


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Looking for a travel buddy - Around the World!

2010-11-29 20:30:34 by maurerose

I'm 27, female, flexible traveler looking to stop in certain places for a while to work or volunteer if the opportunity presented itself. I'd love to share these experiences with someone who lives for adventure, because this will be the time of our lives!
Possible Route through Airtrek- starts in Houston - Guatemala City - Los Angeles - Honolulu - Nadi (Fiji) - Auckland - Bangkok - Calcutta / Kolkata - London - Rome - back to Houston
I'm open to different routes, but I have family/friends in some of these cities where we could stay for free. I am traveling on a budget! Hope this interests someone!

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