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Posted on April 14, 2014 – 05:43 pm

'' Pattaya has ownership affordable, excellent infrastructure and easy access to the rest of the world thanks to it being only an hour's drive from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - a new overpass recently construdio still makes the trip to Capital even faster with approximately 90). Patttaya has grown in the last 10 years. With the exception of Bangkok no other region has received more infrastructure investments and over 30 golf courses world-class, more than eight international schools, hospitals, shopping malls and department stores, has become a prime destination for expatriates and tourists.


Pattaya has three seasons:

- November to February,

- When it is hot; March to May, when it is hot and humid, and

- June to October, when it is hot and humid.


Dress as lightly as possible. Because of the heat and humidity, man-made fibers are not recommended. Cotton clothes are cool, and if you find that spend much to renew your clothes (if you live in cold weather, for example, and does not have many clothes for the Heat Thai) you can leave to buy clothing made right here because they are extremely cheap. Shorts and sandals are used in day-to-day. In hotels and restaurants the'' casual wear'' (espotivo'' tidy'') is the most suitable. If you visit a temple, the rules ARE SPECIAL: apply an outfit more formal, or at least more'' covered''. Gentlemen, please, no shorts or bermudas and no mini skirts or regatinhas for women. Long sleeves are preferred. If you want you can even rent'''' long pants or long salts on site (but only some Temlos have this possibility).

Note (RC): if you are a foreigner, and will be more than 90 days in Pattaya, be sure to read the final part of this POST.

Health and Safety

Never drink tap water. Always use bottled water, widely available, price unimpressive, especially if you choose a local brand. The sun is always strong, even during the rainy season and when there is cloud cover - and use it whenever you need to be using a good sunscreen and limit exposure time.

Malaria is no longer any threat, but mosquito bites can be a big nuisance.

The fish are caught mainly at local level and is of high quality, but given the spicy ingredients in almost any meal, occasional stomach pains are possible.

For information and advice, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) - Office: Region 3 is open seven days a week throughout the year, including international and national holidays, from 08:30 to 04:30. Tel: (038) 428 750 or 429 113.

Fun for everyone

Note (RC) has already published on BLOG POST ONLY with the numerous possibilities of sightseeing.

As a beach resort with city status, Pattaya has something for everyone. Whereas the majority of the most beautiful beaches are not'' exactly'' in Pattaya, the city makes an attempt to have everything to offer the best. There is just about everything you can think of for recreation, entertainment, sightseeing and fun. Pattaya can be whatever you want it to be. This variety is ideal for all types of visitors.


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Looking for a travel buddy - Around the World!

2010-11-29 20:30:34 by maurerose

I'm 27, female, flexible traveler looking to stop in certain places for a while to work or volunteer if the opportunity presented itself. I'd love to share these experiences with someone who lives for adventure, because this will be the time of our lives!
Possible Route through Airtrek- starts in Houston - Guatemala City - Los Angeles - Honolulu - Nadi (Fiji) - Auckland - Bangkok - Calcutta / Kolkata - London - Rome - back to Houston
I'm open to different routes, but I have family/friends in some of these cities where we could stay for free. I am traveling on a budget! Hope this interests someone!

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