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Posted on June 29, 2010 – 00:00

Buddha said: Ayutthaya Ayutthaya is a good place ~

The Bangkok trip decided to go before the real point is only here - Ayutthaya Ayutthaya. But lazy spacious Little Mother looked quickly before the line in addition to traffic information, to know here is the former capital of Ayutthaya, other details completely hard. (Khan) is not too hard, the whole big city stroll down just think: Reclining lot; attractions are a bit like a confused which point; monuments and Angkor bit like (how many cultural influences by Angkor); big cities .

The following up on the results came back hard:

Ayutthaya Ayutthaya kings by the U-Thong established in AD 1350, this dynasty was later also called Ayutthaya, Ayutthaya is the capital. Ayutthaya lasted nearly 400 years (AD1378 ~ AD1767), enjoy life in Thai history is the longest dynasty. Largest city in the early 18th century when the population was as high as one million people, was the world's largest cities. (Called Ayutthaya really sound ~) followed AD1767 years after being captured in Myanmar burned, flooded Ayutthaya also went off, there are many statues were originally established in the top of the shrines, was after the war and the destruction of the Buddha are now open, Even many Buddha head was gone. 1994 UNESCO as a World Heritage Site this city, is Thailand's 10 historical parks closest one from Bangkok.

Big City Attractions:

($50BHT),菩提樹佛首(Buddha head in the three) ◎ Wat Mahathat ($ 50BHT), Linden Buddha head (Buddha head in the three)

King of the Boromaraja I built in AD1370. Ayutthaya is one of the most famous monuments. It is said that when you worked here in 1956 found gold and silver jewelry and other items. This remains the most important attractions is the following Buddha bodhi tree roots buried in the first and in many headless statues, ups and downs of the world of possibilities. Other nearby stupa monuments are beautiful, spectacular way back when you can.

Photographed statues in the local and remember not higher than the Buddha, nor can stand in front of the shoot Oh. This is because the position of the lower Buddha, visitors are required to squat down with Him pictured. This little wreath locals worship.

Still remains one of the few complete statues. Have relatively little statues in front of serious damage, looked very sad.

The leaning tower. See that badly damaged, do not know how long it stands still.

Many statues were damaged. Shocking.

Cang cool after bloom again. (Although hot day I sweat like a small stream ....)

◎ Wat Ratchaburana ($ 50): Damn, it was important attractions, the driver did not take us to!

◎ Wat Chaiwatthanaram: Damn Rabbit! So this is a great city's most important monuments, the driver did not take us to! !

Well, do not blame yourself hard, in the information center did not listen Arbour said, next time you want to learn not to trust strangers. There is reason to go down once a child, hey hey hey. Want to take time to go next winter, the weather is too hot suddenly walk.

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I'm 27, female, flexible traveler looking to stop in certain places for a while to work or volunteer if the opportunity presented itself. I'd love to share these experiences with someone who lives for adventure, because this will be the time of our lives!
Possible Route through Airtrek- starts in Houston - Guatemala City - Los Angeles - Honolulu - Nadi (Fiji) - Auckland - Bangkok - Calcutta / Kolkata - London - Rome - back to Houston
I'm open to different routes, but I have family/friends in some of these cities where we could stay for free. I am traveling on a budget! Hope this interests someone!

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