Thailand: Bangkok and Koh Samui

Posted on June 16, 2013 – 00:00

E 'come the summer. Do you have any idea for the holidays? If you have not yet decided your goal, why not book a journey to the Land of Smiles, the Thailand ? In this article, we present two interesting destinations: Bangkok and Koh Samui.


The Summer Palace Bang Pa In

Bangkok was founded in 1782 by the first monarch of the Chakri dynasty. Currently, Bangkok is the center of spiritual, cultural, diplomatic, commercial and educational Thailand. His is having a surface of more than 1500 square kilometers, houses approximately 10 million people representing 10% of the population. Bangkok offers visitors not only excellent amenities but also many cultural attractions.

Damnoern Saduak Floating Market

The success of this city is to be able to combine in an incredible way the ancient world with the modern one. Tourists can admire an old Bangkok, with its magnificent palaces, classical dance and more than 400 Buddhist temples of great charm and beauty, such as: the Wat Pho with the statue of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn) decorated with thousands of small pieces of colored glass and decorated with Chinese porcelain or Wat tramit with the largest gold statue of the seated Buddha in the world. Arriving in Bangkok you can not miss a visit to some of the symbols of this city: the Royal Palace, Wat Phra Keo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), an ensemble of pavilions, domes and pinnacles and gilded with a high Buddha statue in smerlando less than 65 centimeters.

The surroundings of Bangkok are many interesting. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables and cheap prices, as well as craft items Damnoern Saduak floating market, known as the "Venice Eastern Europe." A 30-minute bus ride from the capital you can also visit the Bang Pa In Summer Palace, built in 1632. The structures of the building show a variety of architectural styles: Chinese, Thai, Italian and Gothic ...

The other side of Bangkok is the modern one: many shopping centers, multi-functional buildings, upscale restaurants, and a busy lifestyle and mostly wealthy residents.

The temple of Wat Phra Yai to Koh Samui


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Looking for a travel buddy - Around the World!

2010-11-29 20:30:34 by maurerose

I'm 27, female, flexible traveler looking to stop in certain places for a while to work or volunteer if the opportunity presented itself. I'd love to share these experiences with someone who lives for adventure, because this will be the time of our lives!
Possible Route through Airtrek- starts in Houston - Guatemala City - Los Angeles - Honolulu - Nadi (Fiji) - Auckland - Bangkok - Calcutta / Kolkata - London - Rome - back to Houston
I'm open to different routes, but I have family/friends in some of these cities where we could stay for free. I am traveling on a budget! Hope this interests someone!

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