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R0018349In order to minimize the cost of this trip,the plane fare really need to repeatedly parity!!

We Langman airport from Bangkok,Thailand,take a domestic flight to Phuket,the whole trip flight time of about an hour or so.

So we choose Thailand cheap airlines bird Nok Air,a person's fare is NT $ 3100 yuan.

Nok Air's LOGO is yellow bird beak,basically airframe bird pattern will be painted into the nose is a bird beak,very cute.But this time we take the plane has no such painting,the super-pity.R0018345

Thai domestic one hour before the departure time to complete CHECK IN the action,will be safer.Before a friend's experience is one hour before departure is closed CHECK IN counters,causing luggage and he went home.

After checked baggage,approximately half an hour before takeoff,the aircraft was slowly drove to our boarding gate.IMG_8660 I am waiting when harm has been looking yellow bird aircraft it!!!

On the plane,the feeling is that domestic flights.Is a smaller aircraft,the aircraft's state is not so new but clean and; seat is not,but only one hour voyage,in fact,it will not feel uncomfortable.

One hour of the voyage is also a small snack available to passengers yo ~

Dessert part is Thailand's most famous peanut; beverage part is water,soft drinks,tea and coffee can be selected.

Many passengers after eating peanuts very addictive,flight attendants are basically still will be provided to the passengers were prepared for peanuts.

We like backpacking,so almost all of the official order tickets directly online.

Sometimes the official website can also be set to the more favorable price!!

From the airport you want to fly to Phuket,Thailand Longman people can refer to cheaper Nok Air airline yo:)

Nok Air airline →

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On Tour... EASTERN & ORIENTAL EXPRESS The Most Exotic And Luxurious Train Journey In Asia
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Koh Samui

2010-02-10 15:06:25 by pendercanuck

I'm thinking of going back to Koh Samui this summer from about mid June to mid Sept. to take martial arts and get away from the hustle and bustle.
I second what eric said about Samui... I've traveled all over the world and in my opinion there's no better place to get away from it all and still enjoy all the mod-cons of a first world country.
My accomodations will be less than 300 pe...r which is likely going to be a big expense too! I also want to buy a few tailor made suits on my way back through BKK... you can get 3 Armani knock-offs in about 48hrs for less than a grand!
I'm going by myself, but if anyone wants to join me, I may be open to some company... Traveling solo is also a pretty good time since it's really easy to meet fellow travelers in Asia.
Have fun!

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