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Posted on April 4, 2014 – 04:02 pm

BKK嘟嘟車 (Tuk tuk in Bangkok street that looks like a tractor as modified in Taiwan)

Starting from Sydney, after nine hours of flight, and finally arrived at my favorite cities - BKK Bangkok in recent years has visited four times, the perimeter is no longer for BKK too familiar, but this time arrived in Thailand where to go Travel it? For this to Thailand after destination in advance also done a lot of homework, originally planned on inside all the way from Chiang Mai to travel to northern Thailand, and Roy later after discussion decided to give it a go by land, over land Guan's Big Adventure - by land from BKK to Siem Reap, Cambodia.便宜BKK旅館

Backpackers should have lasted longer clearly using Taiwanese passport entry visa Thailand How should it, in addition to handling in Taipei, only half-day tourist visa processing time --- This is the best way, nice visa sticker in the passport can be permanently taken.YamCha吃到飽 Moreover, in the airport after arriving in Thailand visas on arrival at the airport Visa on arrival.曼谷中國城林真香 tourist visa can stay in Thailand for 60 days as long visa is 15, if you want to leave Thailand before returning to his country traveling Thailand, must be at the airport or the city apply for a re-entry permit Immigration Re-entry Permit. valid re-entry permit has been obtained in accordance with the immigration visa in Thailand prevail --- valid visa validity period will not exceed the current That is if you apply for a visa and then apply for re-entry permit, the total validity is 15 days, during re-entry may leave Thailand again. Fees & visa the same as 1000 baht.

(USCIS Bangkok sathon area)

After the arrival BKK every effort to find the same is cheap and good staying in a hotel. Stayed two nights before the scheduled network, terrible Guesthouse (only a matter of luck or bad, BKK's Guesthouse too much, not excellent excellent very different) , and later found a spacious, quiet and cheap hotel. lived quite happy. trip is nothing more than worry about the housing problem and planning a trip, eating is definitely easy on local custom it! eating local food is a great enjoyment!

(Cheap and good staying in a hotel)

Central World shopping centre the food court which has a sell-eat dim sum, $ 199B + tax, can eat very full, but the taste is just feel normal. Chinese cuisine to suit the taste of Thailand has been to turn the locals, but Chinese tastes will feel inadequate orthodoxy, Ha!

(Located in Central World Mall food court inside the YamCha eat restaurant)

Around town at night in Bangkok China Town, an insight into the streets of the shark fin and bird's nest, why these two items for less harmful ecological conservation by the Chinese people welcome?? Need further studies. Hop Kee Lin Zhen Xiang Taiwan backpackers often mentioned meat shop, he signs to tell you, but there are a pig cute pig baby bowls too!

(BKK Chinatown inside Hop Kee Lin really fragrant meat shop, signs for the cute pig)

Decided to depart to Siem Reap, you started to plan how to go from white backpackers Blog There are many ways you can go from BKK Siem Reap., But it will have a higher chance to take the land would be blackmail, so be psychologically ready, I asked Suam Lum / Lumphini nearby travel agency, bus to Siem Reap, the cheapest is $ 800B (between different travel agencies offer a $ 800-1100B range), so buy two tickets for the next morning departure.

曼谷泰國移民局 到邊界的小巴 流動菜市場 10銖冰咖啡


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Koh Samui

2010-02-10 15:06:25 by pendercanuck

I'm thinking of going back to Koh Samui this summer from about mid June to mid Sept. to take martial arts and get away from the hustle and bustle.
I second what eric said about Samui... I've traveled all over the world and in my opinion there's no better place to get away from it all and still enjoy all the mod-cons of a first world country.
My accomodations will be less than 300 pe...r which is likely going to be a big expense too! I also want to buy a few tailor made suits on my way back through BKK... you can get 3 Armani knock-offs in about 48hrs for less than a grand!
I'm going by myself, but if anyone wants to join me, I may be open to some company... Traveling solo is also a pretty good time since it's really easy to meet fellow travelers in Asia.
Have fun!

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