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Posted on March 28, 2012 – 00:00

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand,with over 12 million inhabitants,

It is the most populous city of Thailand .Many planes pass through Bangkok to go to Australia so if you go in Australia,do not forget to make a trip to Bangkok,you will not regret it!

Bangkok is often the gateway to the South-East !This gives you a taste of what you will expect in Asia.

I'll give you some tips and my favorite places:

Kao San Road:

Corner backpackers and cheap hotels,you will find a lively nightlife with Thai food stalls and stalls selling products street.The most popular products are T-shirts,CDs,flip flops,country flag,small statuette of Buddha or elephant.

You can also find stalls sales of original products,a little taste in pictures:

This is a trying time in his life,everything is clean except cockroaches,after it was already that this is disgusting!Special mention to the (Worm),they are delicious!

Attention in this street,there are often prostitutes who approach you.

There are also a lot of travel agencies that offer you travel by bus to the north,the south of Thailand,Cambodia,Laos,..... A little advice before going to several agencies,you could save 100 500 baht (3 euros to 12 euros).


But what idea of ​​a Chinatown in Bangkok,they already look alike to us Europeans,very hard to tell the difference between Chinese and Thai food if you do not know!Chinatown is composed of many small streets and a central street.

A little anecdote,I spent my first night in Bangkok Chinatown is when I wanted to go,I'm lost and I was approached by a Thai who made advances to me!Ace the time,I thought,what will happen to me then!and that's another story.

There are a lot of food stalls outdoor cheap,if you have nothing against the costs not go,you can save a few pennies instead of going to restaurants that are 2-3 times more expensive.

You will find in Chinatown,the cheapest Bangkok trinkets,necklaces,rings,bracelets,statue,wallet,shirt,etc..I advise you to go the day,there are so many small shop that get lost quickly!

Temples :

The main temples are "Wat Phra Kaew,Wat Pho, " the Reclining Buddha,Temple of the Emerald Buddha)),Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

The first two are located not far from each other,are the ancient ruins,gilding,sparkling tiles and statues of Buddha.It is forbidden to go in shorts,so long pants is recommended,it is also possible to rent audio tapes on the palate.

It is recommended to listen to the Thai temple entrance,they are often false guides that make you ride in tuk tuks.

The neighborhood shopping centers (Siam,MBK,..)

These are the commercial districts nothing interesting,the prices are quite expensive as in Europe!It can be accessed by the Skytrain!

Travel advice has observed:

  • Do not get into a TuK TuK before how much the trip will cost,never follow the advice of Thais!
  • Always pay attention to the business!
  • When you take the bus,never leave valuables!

And you,what is your favorite place in Bangkok?

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Koh Samui

2010-02-10 15:06:25 by pendercanuck

I'm thinking of going back to Koh Samui this summer from about mid June to mid Sept. to take martial arts and get away from the hustle and bustle.
I second what eric said about Samui... I've traveled all over the world and in my opinion there's no better place to get away from it all and still enjoy all the mod-cons of a first world country.
My accomodations will be less than 300 pe...r which is likely going to be a big expense too! I also want to buy a few tailor made suits on my way back through BKK... you can get 3 Armani knock-offs in about 48hrs for less than a grand!
I'm going by myself, but if anyone wants to join me, I may be open to some company... Traveling solo is also a pretty good time since it's really easy to meet fellow travelers in Asia.
Have fun!

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