Saigon and Bangkok: the last days in Southeast Asia.

Posted on March 13, 2011 – 00:00
Destination of the Week: Bangkok | The Points Guy

The last few days in Saigon and Bangkok, we spend as decided after the booze cruise, completely without tourist program. One can very well sit in these cities in cafes and watch the hustle and bustle on the streets.

9 March, we were in Saigon in the first district in cafes around our hotel, enjoyed the free wifi everywhere, and later made a few small purchases.

The 10th March was a day of travel in the first place. At noon we had already check out of the hotel, in the afternoon we drove to the airport. Actually, the net travel time is only 1.5 hours to Bangkok. However, everything is very attracted, so we were actually only about half past nine clock back in the area of ​​Khao San Road.

We went to the same hotel as two weeks ago from the Rambuttri Village Inn, and spent the evening (again) in Sawasdee Terrace - our favorite bar in the whole area there. The mix of beautiful chill house music, soft lighting, no brüllsaufenden Europeans, and the possibility of the whole evening stroll past tourists, backpackers and Thais to see in this mix is ​​rare in the area.

Later, around midnight, we take a stroll on the Khao San Road, because Christian had not yet experienced the road at night. The audience, but also the offer varies depending on the time. During the day it revolves mainly around T-shirts, flip flops and tourist-related needs. The food stalls are allowed only from about 18 clock on the road, and also some cocktail bars ("extra strong cocktails - we do not check ID") later take their place in front of a then already closed stores.

We have discovered a new scam - no idea if this is a real trend or will remain more of a freaky show: a mouse + snakes "race". A small snake and a mouse are simultaneously exposed on the sidewalk, you can bet on how long the mouse survived. Because they do not have lives that appeared in the two experiments, which we have seen, obviously. Sooner or later the snake caught the mouse wrap around it and crushed it. We have no photos, but it was always much too cruel impression for this blog.

On 11 March, we also spent the day back in Sawasdee Terrace and around the Khao San Road. A few errands, a visit to the hairdresser for 3 euros, have a drink here and there and have a drink - the day passed quickly.

In the evening we drove to the airport (again with the A380) flew back to Hamburg via Dubai.

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Two main factors to consider

2007-01-31 11:25:46 by Magnum

How old and what season. Thailand has three seasons: hot, very hot, and very very hot. If you have an infant (under 3) I would not go to Thailand between March-August. It just gets so damn hot. If you are on a beach resort the heat is less severe and punishing. If you have an infant, Thailand is best December 1 - January 31. During that time the heat will not kill you.
Bangkok has choking..., having lived there a long time I can tell you some safety hints:
Avoid taxis or tuktuks late at night. Many of them are on amphetamines and drive like crazy.
Be careful crossing the street. Sounds simple, just watch it.
Pedestrians do NOT own the road in Thailand, it is nothing like USA. Do not think cars will yield for pedestrians. That is just the way it is.
Chok Dee!

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